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Little Things in New Orleans


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Mike’s #PostTraumaticTour visits New Orleans, Louisiana on Thursday for the eleventh show of the tour. This will be Mike’s first time performing in New Orleans since April 2003, when Projekt Revolution 2003 stopped in town. Linkin Park shockingly did not perform in NOLA during any tours after the Meteora era.

For the Thursday show, fans have begun asking on social media if Mike would perform a version of the song live for New Orleans. On this tour, Mike is performing some fan requests and also changing up the piano versions of songs he performs mid-set during the shows.

It is rare for Linkin Park to write a song specifically about a city or location, but The Little Things Give You Away (New Orleans) and Not Alone (Haiti) are two songs of theirs that were written after natural disasters.

This would be the first chance Mike has had to perform the song in the city of New Orleans. If you remember the LP Underground 7 album, the version of the song released from Atlanta has Mike asking if anyone was from New Orleans and he dedicates it to them.

Chester says about Little Things:

"We were writing these harmonies before we went down to New Orleans on the first anniversary of the [Katrina] disaster. And when we were down there, we were talking to these people who lived in the Ninth Ward. One of the lines, about ’water gray, coming through the windows,’ was taken from what one older gentleman told me. The feeling I got down there was not a good one. For my whole life, I was spoon-fed what a great country this is, and I just didn’t get that feeling from that trip. I didn’t understand how we could spend $120 billion a year on killing people in other countries, but we only allocated $1 billion to rebuilding lives here. It really bothered me. … I felt sick about it. So I wrote the lyrics. Mike and I had a discussion, and he said, ’Why don’t you go write about Katrina?’ So I did … and I put it to the melody we had been working on, and it just fit perfectly."

In February 2008 on the Minutes To Midnight North American Arena Tour, the band visited New Orleans with Music For Relief and Habitat For Humanity to rebuild homes in the NOLA area. You can even see clips of this visit in the incredible 2017 music video for One More Light.

Linkin Park went on to release very good demo version of the song on the LP Underground 9 album, entitled “Drum Song” since the song began with a Rob Bourdon drum idea that is heard in the bridge of the song.

Unfortunately, Little Things only stayed in the live sets for Linkin Park for just over a year during Minutes To Midnight’s touring cycle and was dropped after 2008. The song has yet to reappear at all since then despite being one of the strongest songs in the catalog.

Are any of you going to the New Orleans show? Would you like to hear Mike perform the song?

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Perfect opportunity to play the song. If anything at all I expect a piano version up until the bridge, kind of like how Mike did Iridescent in Moscow. Also like Iridescent, maybe the full song gets played later on in the tour after Matt and Dan have time to learn it.

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I'll be there and, as a lifelong LP fan that was born and raised here in NOLA, I've been hoping to hear TLTGYA in New Orleans since 2007. With this being the first chance for it to happen, I really hope it does!

Although even if Mike doesn't play the song, I would love for him to tell the story of Chester feeling the need to write the song after coming here. Maybe he could even shed more light on it than he has in the past.

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I think that the subject matter and the story behind the song would overwhelmingly negate any sense of boredom that anybody in a New Orleans crowd would have ever felt.


If anyone did feel bored during the song when it was in the setlists, I can only assume that it is because TLTGYA is one of the slower songs in the LP catalogue.

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Never had a chance to see it live but I remember that people said that the crowd felt very bored during the song.. Can anyone share his experience?


Unfortunate that Mike didn't play it but it's all good.


Yeah it definitely was a slower song in the set for that period of time... the only other slow one really that I saw was PMA Piano but everyone knows PMA since it's on Hybrid Theory. TLTGYA is a phenomenal song and it came off really well live. People sat down on it, sure, but that's because LP had just kicked their ass with 8~ heavy songs in a row haha

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I mean, yeah the song is slow, but it's a different kind of slow than, say, In Between or the Ballad Medley which just plodded along and really fucked the pacing of the show. TLTGYA is a damn masterpiece and it culminating in Brad's solo and those harmonies is magical. I really wish I got to see it live.

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I don't know about that. THP's touring cycle for example was pretty heavy.


yes some but a lot of the set was also some slower songs too. like Ballad medley and a lot of other songs. Im not saying that the band didnt still play some heavy songs during all tour years, but of course meteora and hybrid theory tours were almost all ''heavy'' because thats all they had to play.


about little things - its a good song . i never saw it played live myself but i could see why some people would be bored during it. if you watch some videos of it played live. it does seem like some people are into it. its a long song that is slower but so isnt songs like ballad medley, caslte of glass and others. mostly i was just referring to JZEs post that said people were bored during the song when it was played but there are other songs people would be bored during too. everyone has their favorite albums, some people like the early albums and heavy music, some people like the newer albums with slower songs and experimental songs

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