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2018.06.20 - New York City, NY (Post Traumatic Release Show)


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We've had festival performances. We've had promo appearances. But now we're at what we've all been waiting for: Mike's first full solo headlining show. Mike's performing the second Post Traumatic Release Show today in New York City, New York at the esteemed Gramercy Theater!


Mike's been rolling strong with promo from his new record Post Traumatic for the last week. Starting last week in Hollywood, Mike performed a set at Amoeba Records, debuting 'Ghosts' and 'Running From My Shadow' live, as well as performing 'Make It Up As I Go' for the first time with K.Flay! A new piano style version of 'Castle Of Glass' was introduced to the set, as well. Another show came the next day at the KROQ HD Radio Sound Space, which was short but action packed, with a 'Castle Of Glass' opener and Mike jumping into the crowd for the final song 'Running From My Shadow' before doing a Q&A. On June 18, Mike did an album signing in West Babylon, New York, and let me say, it was an amazing event! Hundreds of fans, and Mike took the time to talk to every single one of them - including me! Yesterday, Mike performed his first solo TV performance since 2015's performance of 'Welcome' on Conan as Fort Minor. He played 'Crossing A Line' on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but with a twist - The Roots played as his backing band! This was the first time Mike has performed solo material with a backing band. It definitely sounded great - and different! Would be great to see it happen more often, especially with these new songs.


Watch Mike's full performance at the KROQ HD Radio Sound Space from a few days ago.

Given that this is Mike's first fully solo headlining show, we can definitely expect some surprises. For one, we have no idea what the full set's gonna look like. We'd imagine it won't be too different from Mike's Identity LA performance, which is the fullest set he's played to date. The Amoeba Records show seemed to roughly follow the same framework as this set, though with a few substitutions with new songs and the absence of certain slots of other songs. We don't know if 'Kenji,' 'When They Come For Me,' 'Roads Untraveled,' or 'Sorry For Now' are still in the set or have been replaced with new songs from Post Traumatic, for example. Mike's been working on the live set, and has said that it will constantly be evolving throughout his tour. Perhaps we're about to see the first big update to the set, as it were. What surprises do you think he has under his sleeve?


Who will be there? Mark and I will both be in attendance (and running to the Thirty Seconds To Mars show at Madison Square Garden afterwards :P), so if you see us say hi and chat! After this show, Mike has one more event planned in New York: at the Apple Store in Brooklyn, where he will be performing and running through the process of writing and recording Post Traumatic for Today At Apple. Mike has one more appearance for this run of promotional shows, which will be in Camden, New Jersey at the end of the month for Radio 104.5's 11th Birthday Celebration. He's taking most of July off - understandable - before kicking back up at the end of the month with a warm up show at Salt Lake City's LoveLoud festival. After that, he's embarking on an Asian Tour throughout August that is immediately followed by a growing European Tour in the fall.


Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world!


Check out the rest of Mike's touring schedule here.

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He did an impromptu I.O.U before RTN!!
That Sorry for Now demo verse holy shit!!!
Also hands held high verse one, spoken.
Over Again had the first verse dropped in the medley.
The bleed it out / good goodbye medley, he let people sing the good goodbye chorus 1 before introducing the BIO verse.

Just some notes off the top of my head. Holy shit what an amazing fucking show. He stayed back after and hugged people, signed stuff, took selfies.

He jumped into the crowd during RFMS!! Landed on a mostly smaller girl audience and he almost went down!

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I was there chillin' in the back near the bar area. I used to love being front row or up front for shows but nowadays I just like to stay in the back. Anyways, it was an epic show. I can't pick a moment that was my favorite, the entire thing was great. I don't really like Welcome, I never really was into that song, but it's still a cool opener. The rest of the set was epic. So many special moments, too. Debut of I.O.U., debut of a demo verse for Sorry For Now, HHH acapella verse, too many amazing moments. The crowd was also super loud and energetic, I'm glad. It's like all the hardcore fans came together in that place.

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Can anyone transcript the lyrics of the demo verse?


I can try...


My attempt:



You have gotta be kiddin'

It's a hobby we're living

We were probably spittin' to some whobbly rhythm

Poppin' off in the kitchen at parties, probably hidden

I was probably nervous but still I gotta forget 'em

Probably referencing some army division in camoflauge like images (Can't make out the first line, idk)

All my idols were in it

Tryin' to avoid kids my Mom had strongly forbidden

So I was probably skippin' out do robbery with 'em

Good kid and lived in a bubble and barely knew it

Probably couldn't recognize struggle to get into it

Tryin' to find like minded rhymers to make 'em through it

But nobody liked the same type of music, I'm used to it

Leaving some opportunities I didn't know what to do with

Sittin' there on a sofa with smokers, gamer's and losers

???? (I can't make out the last line for the life of me)

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