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  1. I also was there, my second show... Cologne was the best european show in my opinion. But Vienna also I was about 4th row at the front was really special because of the unique setlist and Mike had a lot of fun on stage! I attach a funny pic Ive made 😁 and I also think he had a drink or 2, but still he had a clear mind 😂
  2. I was at this show with my girlfriend and I need to say, this was the best concert I have been ever! We were there about 12 pm, got a place about 4-5 row... pretty close to the front and it was just amazing. So many surprises and the crowd just sang every word! Heavy, Burn it down ... 2 flashmobs at In the End and Ghosts (Mike seemed reallly touched and were close to cry too, that moment! And also Numb the first time he played it after Hollywood Bowl show was just a rollercoaster of emotions. Going to Vienna this week! THANK YOU MIKE
  3. Also on Spotify now (Really like this cover): https://open.spotify.com/track/2Irq4xbAirAYuAk8DHoz8t?si=Tx_TuGddSzCrVx5yocIh0A
  4. I would LOVE more Mike/grandson in the future... RFMS is the best collab on Post Traumatic imo
  5. I had a great time in my LP Memorial in Stuttgart, really kind people. No rain can stop us 😄 https://ibb.co/cELiBy https://ibb.co/ftfByd https://ibb.co/fAtaPJ
  6. I just want to share my tweet here if it´s okay... dont have many words right now, how to describe how Im feeling https://twitter.com/4lexpect/status/1020193520961941504?s=19
  7. I´ll gonna work tomorrow all day. In the evening definitely gonna hear Linkin Park/Radio show who gonna play in honor of Chester. On Saturday I´ll go to my city´s LP Memorial and meet some other fans, music, picnic and fun.
  8. I´ve liked the bundle shirt, but silly me I ordered it on "L" which is a little big for me... This new merch gets really special, Mike never disappoint there. I ordered the official flannoda, those socks and the black tee shirt above. It´s expensive but worth it! Can´t wait to go to the cologne show with this uniform B )
  9. The music video reminds me of Talking to Myself...
  10. So there´s a chance for me at cologne to meet Mike for the first time? If you guys say there´s not much people around.... Yeay!
  11. Thank you @RogueSoul, looking forward to see more of this one! Im really excited about cologne show now, almost a similar stage... well done Mike im HYPED
  12. He enjoy beeing back on stage interacting with the fans. Thats what he always loved!
  13. Seems like an amazing show! I hope he continues crowd "jumping" So the set about 1:10h long?
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