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Chester in the studio with Mark Morton


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Yesterday on his Instagram story, Chester posted clips from inside a studio recording music.... view them here and here.


In the clip we see Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton and producer Josh Wilbur, who has worked with Lamb Of God for a long time. Back in 2016, Mark released a new song and posted on Facebook, “Hey y’all! Here is sample of some of the new music I’ve been working on. It’s definitely a little different than what you’re used to hearing me do with Lamb. There are some great players involved in this project (including J.P. from Clutch on the drums!). I’m having a blast working on this stuff, and that’s what this is all about for me…FUN! I hope you enjoy it!"

We also see a full lyric sheet, but he pans his phone across it too fast to read the lyrics on the big sheet. Here's the smaller sheet:


Looks like something along the lines of: "mastered the art..perfect precision..you take it apart..pull every petal..just to see where it lands..tighten my grip..carve the thorn from my hand"


We don't know what the song is for exactly, but we'll keep you updated once we find out.

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I have a few LoG songs in my iPod, and I think Randy Blythe is an awesome person, but honestly none of their albums are better than any Linkin Park album in my opinion.


Overlord is far and away my favorite song by them.

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