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2017.03.30 - London, ENG - YouTube Space London

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European promo continues as we reach Mike and Chester's third promo appearance on the continent. We've crossed the English Channel, and now we're taking the show to London, England for a special intimate show and Q&A.


If you've been keeping up with the promo shows, you'll know what to expect. Mike and Chester have been going around Europe doing promotional shows in various countries for some intimate Q&A sessions for contest winners. So far, they've hit Amsterdam and Paris, with a show in Hamburg coming up right before they perform 'Heavy' with Kiiara at the ECHO Awards in Berlin to wrap this all up.


Each show so far has come with a surprise or two. At the first show in Amsterdam, they whipped out the original trio of stripped down tracks, 'Burn It Down', 'Crawling', and, of course 'Heavy'. They added 'What I've Done' into the mix, as well, performing an (evidently) quickly put together version of the song. In Paris, they took it a step further and played an acoustic version of 'Battle Symphony', making it the live debut of the track. Do they have something in store for us in London?


Check out the live debut of 'Battle Symphony' in Paris. It'll be exciting to hear this song performed by the full band in May (hopefully)!

We do have some unfortunate news to share: no livestream this time around. The good news: we'll still get a proshot of this show. This event is being hosted by YouTube, who will be releasing this show in two parts: one video for the Q&A, and another video for the performance. We're not sure when exactly the videos will be released, so sit tight. Perhaps the band is performing a new song tomorrow and then the performance will be released once that track is released? Stormzy is from London, and he's featuring on 'Good Goodbye' alongside Pusha T. There's also 'Invisible' that the band performed on The Late Late Show With James Corden and was filmed for a later showing. Don't forget 'Talking To Myself' and 'One More Light' that were performed at the Warner Bros. Party, as well. So many possibilities, and all we can do is wait!


One final thing to consider is the possibility of some headlining shows. A headlining show at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on June 20 was announced during the promo show in Amsterdam. France didn't get a show announcement, but that's probably because Linkin Park is already headlining two festivals there in June. Seems pretty awkward to just have one headlining show in the tour, and the UK is looking pretty clear so far... We'll wait and see.


UPDATE: Mike and Chester performed a second show at Warner Bros Records in London after this event. Four songs were played: 'Heavy', 'Battle Symphony', 'Burn It Down', and 'What I've Done'.


Is anyone going to the show? If you're from London and entered to see the show, be sure to check your emails to see if you received a confirmation. We'll keep you updated on all the information we can get on the show while it's happening live, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page, as well as check back here for updates. After this, the band seems to have one more promo appearance lined up for Hamburg, Germany on April 3 before performing 'Heavy' at the ECHO Awards on April 6.


Check out the rest of the band's 2017 touring schedule here.

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UPDATE: Mike and Chester performed a second show at Warner Bros Records in London after this event. Four songs were played: 'Heavy', 'Battle Symphony', 'Burn It Down', and 'What I've Done'.



Some pictures here:



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