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Linkin Park to headline VOLT Festival in Hungary


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Linkin Park has just confirmed that they will be playing their first show ever in Hungary!


They will headline Telekom VOLT Festival in Sopron, Hungary on June 27th, 2017. This is the first confirmed DATE of 2017, meaning the first actual date announced instead of just a "we will play X festival between these 2-3 days".


LP fans have been petitioning the band to play Hungary for years and this is a welcome addition! Tickets are on sale November 17th and a one day pass is 59 euros to see LP.


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That's not the way to explode for a show announcement ;)

have fun.


Idk, I wouldn't want to film at a show, either. Whenever I go to a LP show, I go just to enjoy the show, I barely even take photos or videos, etc. I feel like it takes away from the experience. I know recording a show is different if you aren't using your phone since you can still enjoy the show that way, but yeah. I remember my first LP show, such an epic experience, Bamboozle 2007!


Have fun at the show LPMaskMan!!!

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