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Linkin Park rumored for Hellfest in France


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As we posted on social media about a month ago, French radio DJ Zégut claimed on October 5th that Linkin Park, Aerosmith, and Prophets Of Rage will perform at Hellfest in Clisson, France. The festival is held between June 16th and 18th, dates that are open in what Linkin Park has announced so far. We held off on making a thread about the rumor because at that time, the band had not even confirmed a European Tour for June 2017 yet. However, now we know LP will be touring at that exact time.


Festileaks follows up on this by saying the DJ's credibility is that he leaked Black Sabbath as a headliner for 2016's Hellfest. He is on top of French music news, including the upcoming Metallica private show in France.


Interestingly, a comment on Zégut's blog on October 6th said that Linkin Park, System Of A Down, and Prophets Of Rage were all playing Download. Download Paris was recently confirmed today with this exact lineup.


Lastly, Metal-Impact.com said today that Linkin Park will perform at Hellfest.


In terms of rumors, this one is pretty solid. Stay tuned for an official confirmation hopefully in November.

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Whoa... seems like this is true. But this would be an odd booking as Download Paris and Hellfest directly compete.


Download Paris being in it's second year it's trying to latch onto some of the success Hellfest has had in France, Hellfest has become huge with a lot of people from the UK going, even going instead of the Download in the UK despite language difficulties, french people and massive travel times.

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I can imagine them playing a setlist full of singles and poppy songs like ALTNC, BID or COG, only because it's Hellfest, kinda like they did it for Carnivores Tour

People still think they do their setlist depending on where/what they play?

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Rob Zombie just leaked this picture online, so it seems he's playing, but the rest of the lineup looks fake.




  • Outdated LP logo
  • Apparently appeared on the Hellfest forums awhile ago
  • How is Guns N' Roses not headlining?


EDIT: Linkin Park confirmed for Hellfest.


Yeah, that logo is from the MTM Era, they stopped using that logo when they released ATS.

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