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LPLive X: Signed Living Things CDR Giveaway


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For day four of LPLive X, the 10th Anniversary Celebration of LPLive, we are doing a giveaway for Linkin Park fans! This giveaway will be for three signed Living Things CDRs!

Back in 2012 to promote Living Things, Linkin Park did a "Share2Earn" competition where the top 100 fans who shared their preorder link for the album won a signed CDR of Living Things. This promotion was helpful in the band securing another #1 debut for the album. Luckily, thanks to our friend Adam, three of these signed CDRs remain!

The great thing about this giveaway is that it is open to Linkin Park fans WORLDWIDE!



(Photo courtesy of our friends at lpcatalog.com)

How to participate:

1. Share the post on the LPLive Facebook page, and/or
2. Retweet the tweet from the LPLive Twitter account, and/or
3. Comment on the post on the LPLive Instagram account.

1. Everyone can participate in all of the options, but no one can win more than one CD.

2. Whoever who tries to cheat (creating more than one account) will be excluded completely.

3. Current and former LPLive staff members cannot participate.


Good luck! Winners will be chosen by raffle (100% randomly) and notified on Monday, September 19th.

A recap of LPLive X can be found here. Be sure to check back tomorrow and the rest of the week for the rest of our birthday celebrations!

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