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Waiting For Tomorrow [Studio Version]

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Bumping this old thread again.


Somebody pointed out to us on YouTube that the "studio version" we have was actually ripped from a set. After a little research I found its origin. Turns out Pierce Fulton also played the song live in 2016 and his version is different from the one Martin Garrix plays. The "studio version" in circulation was actually taken from this radio show:



Just "Waiting For Tomorrow" (with download link) for those who are interested:


As you can hear, there's an intro and the song doesn't fade out at the end.

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two things:


- first 30 seconds - it's a mashup between Turn Up The Speakers (How About Now) and waiting for tommorow

- why the song has different pitch level? It should sound like at concerts

EDIT: WTF, this:

and this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsbTm6wpA0E


are two different versions than the one here https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/glowradio/episodes/2016-05-02T14_05_55-07_00- this is the correct one (with the same pitch as the version at concerts has) lol


I'm ripping it & I will post for you guys

EDIT2: here it is: https://www.sendspace.com/file/5xtvt6- for the first time we have 320kbps quality lol, (but still it is from a live set)

+ artwork: https://image.ibb.co/bWJ2S9/45645.jpg


This is the best quality version of the song so far.

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