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April Album News


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The recent interviews by the band and the hashtags used on social media lead us to believe the band is firmly trying to get an album out by the end of the year. While it is April already and they are still writing music, they do seem to have made some good progress, evidenced by Mike's tweet to Zane Lowe asking him when he's coming to hear new Linkin Park music.



Here are a few things since our last update:


1. First, Ethan Mates, the band's main engineer for this album and their last four, posted a picture on Facebook April 7th and immediately (!) took it down when he realized his mistake. The picture showed a folder titled "LP ALBUM 7 MAIN" containing 64 items, the visible ones dating from November 9, 2015 to April 7, 2016.


Among them, were song titles "Lost My Moment", "Conn-District 108", "Till The Walls Come Down", "Nobody Can Save Me J Green 2", "Invisible - MS with Justin Parker", and "Keep Saying I'm Sorry". Dissecting these, we can see a few things. The Conner Youngblood collaboration track has the title "District 108", the Jon Greene collaboration track has the title "Nobody Can Save Me", and the band is working with Justin Parker (England) as well. This MIGHT be who Mike met with in London after Linkin Park's European Tour ended last September, as it says "MS w/ Justin Parker". Either way, the big takeaway here for fans is that we can see they've at least got 64+ song ideas at this point and they're working with a wide variety of artists on new music. Justin Parker is in one of the band's live studio videos on Facebook, so he likely is playing a larger role in the album than just one collaboration.


These are the second batch/group of demo names to come from this album's sessions. In 2015, the band released an LPTV episode for Fort Minor's track Welcome and we saw a few demo names there as well. "Last Straw" turned into "Welcome", but the other titles included "Spirals", "All Our Days", and "Hands Itch". Various studio pictures in the album process have also shown "El Chopo" and "Keep Saying I'm Sorry".


2. The BMI catalogue shows (new songs?) "Richochet" and "What Are You Worth" tagging Linkin Park. Brian Howes, a songwriter/producer, is listed as the artist. The only two scenarios for this would be if Linkin Park already has new music or if there is a BMI error in tagging Linkin Park. The latter actually happened last year, if you recall, where LP was incorrectly tagged in a song unrelated to them. That's the only known time that has ever happened, so this would be time number two if this is indeed fake. Either way, we're including it here.


3. We still don't have any information on the release of Waiting For Tomorrow, the collaboration between Martin Garrix, Chester, and Mike. Martin's new album will be released in 2016 and will feature other artists that include Ed Sheeran, Bebe Rexha and Third Party. In an interview he gave earlier this month, it sounds like the album isn't quite ready yet. Martin: "I have no name for the album yet, [though] I have been thinking about different options. However, I’m still in the process of making you songs. I think I have between 25 to 30 songs right now and then we’re going to pick the 13 best ones."

Lastly, remember Mark Wakefield? He was credited in the liner notes for the new Deftones album, Gore, because he now works for Velvet Hammer. Funny!


We'll be sure to keep you updated as more album news comes out. Keep checking in to our LP7 Album Updates thread for discussion as well.

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