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Fort Minor Copenhagen - Full Show


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Getting a good watch of it now, here's some stuff I noticed:


- Synth Solo Outro on In Stereo - was that there in LA?

- Transition Outro on Dolla - that was there in LA too, don't know if we want to add it?

- Mike messed up the lyrics at the beginning of COG

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It seems like a much less of a stage set up compared to LA? Disappointing, I really liked the visuals for that show, doesn't appear to be any for this one :(


Lmao he's international in the middle of a Linkin Park tour, just the fact he's even doing a Fort Minor show is great. LP in the summer barely had any production either (before China)...pretty dark stages.

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Yea I understand, Just I watched the LA show a lot to get me hyped up for the London show and kinda sad to not be getting that as it was much more than I was expecting! Oh well, I am sure when you are there, you will barely notice due to being more interested in the atmosphere!

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