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Fort Minor added to Rock im Sektor Lineup


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According to Linkin Park's instagram account, Fort Minor will perform before Linkin Park at the Rock Im Sektor festival in Dusseldorf, Germany later this year in September! This will be Fort Minor's third show amidst Linkin Park's upcoming The Hunting Party European Tour, with two shows happening prior in Copenhagen and Berlin.


Something interesting to note is that this will be the second time that Fort Minor and Linkin Park will perform at the same show. The first time was Fort Minor's last appearances for The Rising Tied tour, in Japan 2006 during Summer Sonic. Holly Brook (Skylar Grey) could not make it to Japan to sing on 'Where'd You Go', so Chester filled in for her, instead. Will he do it again at this show?


This will be the the biggest Fort Minor show since 'Welcome' debuted, with Mike performing his one-man show to a large festival crowd this time! For those heading to Rock im Sektor, this is a welcome surprise! Anyone excited to watch Fort Minor at the festival?


Linkin Park's The Hunting Party Tour is reaching it's end, with the band appearing for one last full tour in Europe. For updates on the shows, check back on the forums or follow us on Twitter. Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2015 touring schedule here.

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Btw, schedule at rock-im-sektor.com is already updated too and now looks like this:

21:15 Linkin Park
19:20 Broilers
17:35 Kraftklub
16:50 Fort Minor
15:45 Irie Révoltés
14:40 Turbostaat


Any chance for a webcast?

Probably not, but i believe we can expect some highlights since EinsLive is one of the festival partners. But i might be wrong here. Probably someone from Germany can clarify this.

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