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LPCatalog Exclusives: Linkin Park/Jay-Z Mix

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2004 was a massive year for Linkin Park. On the road, the band blew through a 34-date sold out tour in North America, headlined European festivals (including the famous Rock am Ring 2004 show) along with a few stops in Asia, and played a huge Projekt Revolution Tour in the summer with Korn and many other bands. In the middle of all of this, they managed to release a collaborative album with Jay-Z, entitled Collision Course.

In between the June shows in Europe/Asia and the July kickoff of Projekt Revolution, Jay-Z flew in to Los Angeles to finish up the album, which was pretty much put together in less than a week (Mike claims four days in the Collision Course DVD). New parts were recorded by both Linkin Park and Jay-Z, they reconvened to rehearse the songs, and the live show was ready to go. The Collision Course album was played twice through (one of the takes is on the DVD), and you'll even find the performance of Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down on the LPU 4 CD as well.

However, before any of that happened, let's take it back a few months to when MTV originally asked Jay-Z to do MTV Mashups. He hand-selected Linkin Park, and he and Mike started emailing ideas back-and-forth for a few months. That's where this exclusive comes into play. Dated May 19, 2004, this is the first true demo of the album to surface - eleven years later, at that. It's a mashup of One Step Closer, 99 Problems, and 1Stp Klosr.

In this version, you'll hear the song in a different structure than what finally appeared on Collision Course. Mike placed a One Step Closer chorus after the first 99 Problems verse, and the song then goes into the 1Stp Klosr verse instrumental before kicking back into OSC. Other 1Stp pieces are included...even the end of the song. Who knows if the Jonathan Davis part would have even remained in the final version, but it's interesting to see 1Stp Klosr mashed up with this version, before Points Of Authority took its place in the collaboration.

Mike even took the time to overdub the "yup" and other ad-libs by Jay-Z throughout the track, including the very end of the song. It's unclear if Jay-Z even re-recorded anything for this demo as it appeared that his meeting with Linkin Park in person (shown in the DVD) was his first time re-recording any vocals, but we do know that this is a legit demo put together by Mike in 2004.
Coming from a promo disc with both the explicit and censored versions, enjoy the only known demo from Collision Course!


Download Track 1 (Explict): Download .FLAC 25,7mb
Download Track 2 (Censored): Download .FLAC 26,1mb
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Just because you heard it years ago doesn't prove that it's fake

It was made by this guy:



The links on his website are still working. You can download both the explicit and edited versions if you want to compare them.


It's in my "Fake Linkin Park Songs" list.



lol, really?

Prove it.


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The lp/jz mix cd is from the same source all other exclusives are. Not to mention, we have some more stuff that we have checked, compared and we can clearly say they are legit (including some unreleased live stuff) Seems like there is much more into the lp/jz mix cd that we thought. While this particular mashup has gone viral:


"99 Steps Klosr" has gone National! Sirius Satellite Radio has picked it up. That means 48 STATES and CANADA!!! The channel that is playing it is Sirius 20 Octane. Right now Octane is playing it between 6pm & 12am during El Covino's shift. Thanks to Steve Covino AKA El Covino and of course Jose Mangin, Octane's M.D., "99 Steps Klosr" is now enjoyed by the entire country! PLUS, El Covino is playing the extended mix of "99 Steps Klosr" so make sure to check it out!"


there is a chance such cd has been made for internal Warner promo purposes, and later could have been the foundation for the MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups between LP and Jay-Z. The real story is that Jay-Z was selected by the MTV and he handpicked LP to work with him on a song mashup (and they ended up with 6 instead). In other words, someone at the label has found the mashup, thought it was good, shared the thing and it all went down from this point. Nothing is made by a coincidence.

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Interesting, I guess you guys are right then.

It's still a legit Warner CD though, I assume that they download it and made this into a CD for internal use.

I agree! I've been collecting linkin park promos since 2003 and this is 100p a legit promo cd. Whether or not shinoda made this I can't say for sure. But as a collector it's definitely a cool item! Came from a legit source and Mark (LPL) and Mike (LPC) will both vouch for that!

thanks for this, Percy :)

You're welcome my German friend!

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I know how legit this source is as well, there's no doubt about it. Mark sent me the track too to check it out, I guess I fucked up a little too. I thought the track was real as well as I had no idea about this already existing mashup from over 10 years ago, I never heard it before.

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I know how legit this source is as well, there's no doubt about it. Mark sent me the track too to check it out, I guess I fucked up a little too. I thought the track was real as well as I had no idea about this already existing mashup from over 10 years ago, I never heard it before.

ya I agree and Astat is a knowledge master! Crazy! I love how it ads to the inspiration to CC COMING TO LIFE. Such a cool promo.. Can't believe none of us here in USA or Canada heard it on radio. I was in first year university in 2004. Listened to Sirius all day everyday. 8 days a week.

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Yeah I heard this back in 2004, that DJ even created a remix of 99 Problems /Don't Stay also he got really mad when he knew that the popularity of his remix helped Jay Z to make it real, he wanted credit but no one said thank you to Al B3.

Where? I haven't seen anything other than excitement on his website.

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He doesn't sounds disappointed at all here:

Feel free to drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think.
The 3 Mash Ups that I had up on my site earlier this month will go back up once Linkin Park & Jay-Z release their first single, which will be Numb/Encore. Don't ask me why I'm doing that but, for me it just makes sense. I've been getting a lot of e-mails about the Mash Ups so I definitely want to hook everyone up. One of those Mash Ups that will be going up is the one with Jay-Z Vs. 3 Days Grace called "Just Like A PSA". I want to Thank 92.3 K-Rock in NYC for playing it.

Or here:

Ok a lot of stuff has happened in the last month but, most importantly, LINKIN PARK & JAY-Z PLAYED TOGETHER! I'm going to take a wild guess and say that I think they hooked up because of all the attention "99 Steps Klosr" has been getting. If that is the reason then I want to say Thanks to all the fans of My Mash Up and all the Radio Stations that played it! You guys really made it all possible (WOW I sound so korny, but I mean it).
Last month's ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE (the one with Lindsay Lohan on the cover) has an article on them playing their first show together so if you can get your hands on one definitely check that out!

Nothing but excitement about it in his site's archive:

Do you remember where have you read it?

Anyway, thanks for sharing. :)

Edit: quick research results:


Hey Mike nice pics, wish I could fly more often…
I do photography myself, but not to throw off the blog, post, comments, etc… but do you remember DJ Al-B in NYC? Like back when the Jay-Z/LP album was coming out? I used to e-mail with Al back and fourth cause I had always liked his mash-ups. I finally attended my first LP show at PNC last year, had crappy seats (some brown looking acid stuff was coming down on me from the roof).


So this is probably his Facebook account, if someone want to ask Soul is going to ask him:




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If the new one is different then the DJ gave the original file to Warner.


It's different but only slightly. The original is louder than the CD rip. The track quality is about the same but that is also hard to tell if you don't what the original would look like. If the remix was created with mp3's and or/only saved as mp3, there's no lossless version anyway. The spectral looks slightly better for the CD rip but that's something that could be also altered through the "mastering process" / creation of this disc, like the volume for example.

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Finally had time to reply to this.


This is very interesting and I apologize for being wrong about this. It truly fooled me, and with it being on a promo CD I of course thought it was real as I haven't seen anything FAKE ever on an official WBR CD for LP. Adding to that, I had the DOYS/LFY and 99/OSC mixes on my HD that he did - I believe I got them in 2004. This was around the time a friend of mine and I guessed the link to Jigga What/Faint live streaming on the WBR website, so it was after Numb/Encore was released when I first heard these. However, I did not realize 1Stp was in one of the versions - that's what threw me off. As soon as I heard 1Stp I said "na, that's not the file I had from that DJ guy." Woops.


Thanks for the heads up everyone. Great job as always by LPC for the download and release. We'll keep this up (zero reason to take it down) so it can be archived on the site :)

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What in the world. A fan made it?

Apparently. It has the original synth and some other stuff in it but the majority of it was re-recorded in a rather amateur fashion.


This is the version on the CD, the guitar and synth solo were clearly re-recorded, some of the synth in the verses is missing/wrong/re-recorded, and it sounds like a lot of the rest of it was pieced together from the samples from that Burn it Down game that was on LP.com for a while: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S4h6N9oAZs

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