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2015 Tour Tickets


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Europe has set a record on LPLive with two straight tours having tickets sent in for EVERY show! The tours by Linkin Park in June and November in Europe have fully completed show pages and we thank the fans for their big support of the website. Unfortunately we are still missing seven shows on Carnivores Tour in 2014 - Tampa, St. Paul, Winnipeg, Woodlands, Dallas, Phoenix, and Quincy.


Next up, we have the two December shows in California and the North American Tour in January and February. Even though only three shows were played, we will be still collecting the tickets (and show posters/promo images) for the canceled dates. An example is the Houston show from 2011.

Up first:

12.12 Oakland
12.13 Inglewood
01.18 Indianapolis

What we are looking for from these shows:
- Show pictures
- Ticket scans/pictures (print-at-home tickets too)
- M&G wristbands, VIP wristbands, GA pit wristbands, any kind of wristbands or passes
- Setlist scans/pictures
- Show posters/promo images

Next, we need just tickets for these shows:

01.20 Pittsburgh
01.23 Atlantic City
01.24 Providence
01.27 Hershey
01.28 Greensboro
01.30 Uncasville
01.31 Manchester
02.03 Hamilton
02.04 Grand Rapids
02.07 Lincoln
02.11 Saskatoon
02.12 Calgary (+ LPU Summit confirmation email)
02.14 Edmonton

Please submit your scans/images to us via email at pics(AT)lplive(DOT)net.
We will blur/white your name out on the tickets.

We have literally nothing from 2015 so far and nothing from the two radio shows in December in 2014. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


EDIT: Now we are accepting tickets from the North American Summer Shows in May and June 2015 as well as The Hunting Party European Tour in August and September!


05.09 Las Vegas

05.17 Columbus

05.23 Pryor

05.24 San Antonio

06.19 Montebello

06.23 Mexico City

06.25 Monterrey

06.27 Mack

06.30 Milwaukee


08.20 Hasselt
08.22 St. Polten
08.23 Hockenheim
08.25 Rybnik
08.27 Minsk
08.29 Moscow
08.31 Jamsa
09.03 Berlin
09.05 Dusseldorf
09.06 Roma
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I've never posted on this site before, but I've been reading and lurking LPLive for several years now. I just wanted to chime in to let you know that I can supply show pictures and scans of tickets and VIP wristbands from the Nashville show. I'll be able to upload them tonight when I get home!


I was also right up against the security fence in front of the stage, so I have some pretty cool photos of Chester and Mike singing when they came up to the fence. :D

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