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Linkin Park Song Election - Hybrid Theory EP


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Technique. I thought the secret track is called Ambient


There's no "official name" for this track, so is called in many forms, as Ambient, Secret...

The only time it was officially mentioned, I guess, was in HTEP booklet, in the credits, as refers "Track 07 by Mike Shinoda".


You can call it Track 07 if you want :P

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Not gonna lie, I meant to end it yesterday after school, but I fell right the fuck to sleep within minutes of me getting home. Anyway, let's go:


Round 1 has ended!


Technique - 12

High Voltage - 1


If it wasn't for a CERTAIN SOMEBODY, this would be the first time only one song got all da votes :P. Technique is out


1. Carousel


3. Step Up

4. And One

5. High Voltage

6. Part of Me

7. Secret Track


High Voltage


Elimination Tracker:

1-6 - TBD

7. Technique (Short)

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