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Mike Contributing Music to Lisa Ling's "This Is Life"


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If you've seen the trailer for Lisa Ling's "This Is Life" series on CNN, you might have recognized a familiar sound - music that has the Linkin Park / Mike Shinoda vibe. Check it out:



The caption reads, "Here's a look at the new CNN Original Series This is Life with Lisa Ling. Premieres Sunday Sep. 28th at 10ET/PT." The name of the song/demo is unknown and we currently do not know if it's a newer song or older song by Mike (or if any other members are included). It seems to just be one song (the theme song) as a tweet from September 16th from him reads, "I've seen promos for @lisaling's new show twice today w/ the volume down. Too bad, because I hear the theme song is awesome...#ThisIsLife"


Mike most recently gave Lisa Ling a shoutout in Holmdel, NJ when he did the Ice Bucket Challenge and challenged her, among others, afterward. On Twitter, Mike confirmed that the music in the trailer indeed is his.


What do you think?

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If that doesn't somehow end up on LPU14 I doubt that we'll ever get it. All the other TV stuff LP did over the years is basically unreleased at this point.

The only "TV stuff" I remember is "Hawaii5Joe", "Little Boxes", and the VMA '05 tracks.



Oh, there's "Rhinestone" from The Crow.

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