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2014.08.24 - Toronto, CA, Air Canada Centre


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The Carnivores Tour is still in the land of maple syrup! Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and AFI are playing their next show on the Carnivores Tour in Toronto, Canada at the Air Canada Centre. Linkin Park has been playing Toronto for years, ever since 2000! The band has performed in Toronto in 2000, twice in 2001 (1, 2), 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2011, totaling in a huge 8 times prior to this show, a record so far for the cities that the Carnivores Tour has been to thus far!


In 2000, the band's first show in Canada, they opened with 'A Place For My Head' (which has recently appeared in a new version of Set A, and is currently leading in our 2014 Live Poll for songs that fans want to see on the Carnivores Tour!). On night one of 2001, the show opened with 'With You', that featured an extended show opener intro that featured Guns N' Roses' 'Welcome To The Jungle'. The second night of 2001 saw Total Eclipse and Mista Sinista from X-Ecutioners play a short DJ set after 'A Place For My Head', which resulted in the dropping of 'Forgotten'. All at a good price, however, as that's the only confirmed time that's happened! Additionally, Chester came out and sang 'Dead & Bloated' with Stone Temple Pilots. Ironic, huh? In 2003, the band played the second show of the famous Summer Sanitarium Tour with the likes of Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, and Mudvayne. They performed songs like 'Don't Stay' and 'P5hng Me A*wy', which haven't been played in quite some time!


In 2004, Sonny from P.O.D. and Doug from Hoobastank came out to perform 'One Step Closer' with the band! In 2007, Mike rapped the second verse of 'High Voltage' over the extended intro of 'Points Of Authority'. Mike and Chester also had a funny moment: at the time, the band usually performed a sing-a-long bridge for 'Bleed It Out', with the crowd singing "Ohh, ohh!". The two changed it up to "Ehh, ehh!" just for Canada! In 2008, the band played a very interesting setlist. The band was late due to having troubles at the airport, so they all got to the show at different times. Mike and Chester were first to arrive, and started the show with piano versions of 'Breaking The Habit' and 'Pushing Me Away'. To save a little more time, Mike extended the intro of 'What I've Done' by rapping verse 1 of 'Hands Held High' over a piano piece. Another issues they encountered at the show were that the lights went out in the middle of 'A Place For My Head', and didn't turn back on until the bridge of 'One Step Closer'! Lastly, Scott Weiland, the ex-vocalist of Stone Temple Pilots was asking where Chester was while they performed, essentially inviting him onstage like he did in 2001. Finally, most recently in 2011, the band and the crowd sang 'Happy Birthday' to Phoenix after 'Shadow Of The Day'! Awesome!


This concludes our history lesson of Linkin Park in Toronto. You better have been taking notes, this will all be on the test!


The previous show in Montreal saw the band performing Set B, featuring the 2014 Version of 'Dirt Off You Shoulder/Lying From You' and the studio version of 'Somewhere I Belong'. Mike performed a "hybrid" verse of 'Remember The Name' over his solo medley. If the pattern continues, Set A will be performed tonight in Toronto. However, there's some speculation about Set A, regarding some potential changes. If you've seen any of the setlist pictures of Set A, you may have noticed that the set is labeled as "Set A_V4", which indicates that this they've been performing the fourth edit of this version of Set A. At the summit in Darien Center, we found a new version of the setlist, entitled "Set A_V5". The only change (which is quite an awesome change) is 'A Place For My Head' closing out the show after 'Bleed It Out'. What a great addition! Would you like to see 'A Place For My Head' close the show, or have it somewhere else in the set? Regardless, it would be a welcome return! Will the band play Set A_V4 tonight, or debut Set A_V5? Time will tell! Another interesting fact is that we've recently learned that the band has rehearsed a bunch of songs that didn't make the cut for the Carnivores Tour setlist (yet). Those songs include 'Breaking The Habit', 'No More Sorrow', 'When They Come For Me', the full version of 'A Light That Never Comes', 'Wretches and Kings', and all the rarities from Hybrid Theory. If you're interested in songs that the band has rehearsed but not played, check out this thread!


Check out this beautiful performance of 'Breaking The Habit' from Toronto in 2008! This was the only time that a piano version of the song was performed, and the only time the song ever opened a show in any form. Wow! Do you want to see the band bring back the song for the Carnivores Tour?


AFI and Thirty Seconds To Mars are also making quite the impact during their performances on the Carnivores Tour! AFI performed their regular setlist, featuring singles like 'I Hope You Suffer', '17 Crimes' and 'Miss Murder'. They also threw some non-singles into the mix, like 'Medicate' and 'Sing Your Sorrow'. Thirty Seconds To Mars performed the same structured setlist, opening the show with Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana: O Fortuna' and their hit, 'Up In The Air'. Their setlist featured other singles like 'This Is War', 'Kings and Queens', and 'Do Or Die', as well as some non-singles like 'Search and Destroy' and 'End Of All Days'. Jared changed things up during his acoustic set, as he always does: he performed a cool mashup of their songs 'Attack' and 'Hurricane', as well as a cover of Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'. Afterwards, he performed the band's biggest hit, 'The Kill'. If you want to see Thirty Seconds To Mars and/or Linkin Park perform, but can't make it to any Carnivores Tour date, don't fear! One of Jared Leto's three companies, VyRT, is streaming the show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles! You can get more information here. Standard tickets go for $15. The team at VyRT even set up a special chatroom for LPU Members! If all goes well, we can expect Linkin Park to be using the platform for a bunch more shows in the future! The LPU team and the MARS team are getting pretty close too, maybe Carnivores 2.0 will be a possibility!


Who's attending the show? Jonas, also known as AndOne, will be attending the show. This'll be his last show of the Carnivores Tour, having been attending shows since the rehearsal at West Palm Beach, meaning this will be his 11th show on the tour! Awesome! If you see him, be sure to say hi! Stop by the Music For Relief to make a donation to fight the ebola epidemic in Africa. A very noble cause! After this show, the band heads back to the States for a show in Minnesota, and back to Canada for one last show in Canada at Winnipeg! For updates on the show, check back here during the time of the show or follow us on Twitter!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2014 touring schedule here.


New world record for longest pre-show post?! :P

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Chester did the full GU scream in Montreal 2008 (mentioned that in the Montreal pre-show post :P)


Set A tonight, just some speculation about Set A_V5! Set B was in Montreal.


The show in Los Angeles on September 15 is the show being streamed, not this one.

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A lot of the site's visitors (not members) read the show post to get information about the show they're going to. Most of them can't declaim the setlists, and LPL is the their primary source of information. The show post includes the past and the present (and the future as much as we know of) that related to the show. This is the LPL experience.

The addition of the other bands part is brilliant, since it makes the post more "Carnivores Tour", and not "just" LP show. People can read it if they wants and skip it if they won't. The ones who wants reduced and important information that related to LP only can read the show pages.

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Just came back from the concert, I saw all the songs on the set list being played from the sheet posted, but I don't th

Just came back from the concert, I saw all the songs on the set list being played from the sheet posted, but I don't think I heard anything from IAVA but I could be wrong :P


Anyway, I recorded most of the show with my camera, goodnight

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Sorry, there was none.


I was there, first ever concert, and it was awesome!


A couple notes:


The normal set A


Chester messed up on Crawling, singing the lyrics at its normal tempo rather than the speeded-up tempo.

He also messed up on GATS, singing lyrics from the second verse.


When AFI kicked in, I was like "oh gawd" The bass was...well...


All three bands were amazing, though! I got some very low-quality (blame my iPod) photos and snippets of songs, forced to preserve the low battery it had


Overall, great concert!

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It was awesome :D


I noticed the weird mess up in Crawling as well as well as GATS.


So much Bass on AFI's set and Leto was way too funny :D


Wouldn't blame ya, irresistible cookie, I recorded the show from Digicam, which I plan to release in the future, if uploading huge MOV videos and stuff wasn't such a pain ;)

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