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Mike featured in documentary, "The Distortion of Sound"


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Mike is in an upcoming music documentary, called "The Distortion Of Sound". The documentary is about how the compression of music is a decline to music quality and how technology has changed the way music is heard. Other artists in the documentary include Slash, Steve Aoki, Snoop Lion, etc.

The first half of the trailer uses Holding Company from LPU XIII, as well.

Watch the trailer here:

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Interesting; although about half of the people in this trailer make their music or have their music made super compressed and clipped to begin with, and sacrifice ambience for loudness. It's a different type of "compression", but still I found that funny.


I will be watching this, though.

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I am looking forward to this. Being in the music business myself, there's nothing worse then clients coming in with shitty compressed youtube audio ripped Mp3 and wonder why it sounds so shit through my Couple thousand dollar line array speaker system. Its a struggle I deal with everyday.

Is this another one of Mike's projects? Its got a very Linkin Park-esk vibe to the video. It as a heavy amount of LP footage and that music at the start sounds very familiar.


And fun fact for everyone playing at home, that show of the audience right at 8 or 9 seconds is the Sydney Soundwave gig. That's definitely ANZ stadium where the main stage was located.

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They used a lot of LPTV footage (all the live show clips) and they also featured Steve Aoki's part from a LPTV episode. I think Mike is the most involved here because he worked with the company helping them make speakers and stuff.

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Releases album after album with completely brickwalled mastering and doesn't bat an eyelash.


Plays major role in documentary that basically consists of a bunch of nitpicking over lossy audio bitrates, claiming that's what's ruining the quality of music these days.


That's the Shinoda Way! :rolleyes:

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I get the point of the documental bit I cant afford a really awesome stereo system thebest thing i have are my Sony XB500 and those áre pretty good

Btw who can really tell the difference between a 320 mp3 and a flac? do a test and tell me your results

No one who is older than probably 17 and went to more than one concert can. Haven't watched the documentary yet but it is sponsored by some audio companies so yeah, no surprise that they try to tell you, that you can hear it. At the end of the day they want to sell their product and telling people that they need it is the best way to do so ;)

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That's so I can fit 740 songs on my phone.

At the expense of the actual quality of the music...


I fit 1000+ 256-320 kpbs songs on my 16GB phone. Of course, it nearly took up all the space I had, but...

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