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Bug Report 5.0

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ok, noted.


in other news, vimeo links in the shoutbox are automatically being coded up into embedded players.

We had the same problem with Youtube links. It's the IPB media tag that causes this problem. There's no option to disable it only in the shoutbox. What we did with Youtube was that we removed the media tag for this, since there's a bbcode for that anyway. And we can only disable it globally which causes other stuff to break too. So it's still unsolved, the only possibility would be to do a bbcode vimeo player for example. There's also a soundcloud media tag, it's the only work for this one to work, it caused a conflict as bbcode and didn't work.

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seems like an oversight to not allow separate rules for the shoutbox..

even with text in the same shout it embeds the video, looks like a really badly-formatted word document :lol:

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Looks like it's a problem with the "Main Street" forums.


- The same thing happens here:



- The "show" button doesn't work on other threads either.


- Some posts which were composed of many lines now have just one big line. Like this one:


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There's an issue with the

    BBCode. At least when you type up the code (you don't hit the button and actually type

    ). If you click the switch thing in the left corner to go between the coded and the formatting thing, the code gets duplicated each time you do so, resulting a LOT of unnecessary tags that take a lot of editing to get out.

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What's your custom setlist? {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif


broken images.

it's a smiley so I couldn't care less, but just so it's been noted.


Chrome, Light theme.

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