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Steve Aoki and Linkin Park are using cracked software?


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According to the article at uniquesquared.com, Steve Aoki and Linkin Park were using cracked software, when working on their collaboration - A Light That Never Comes.


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Read the full article here


Do you think Linkin Park were really using pirated software? If so, why do you think they did it?

Will Mike come forward and write an explanation of this situation?


I wonder if this won't end up with any lawsuits.


Thanks to dezound at VK.com

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Mike:Chester do you have money in your credit card?

Chester:Sorry buddy.You know I have a lot of kids and...

Mike:I don't have ,too.

Chester: Let's use TEAM ArCade crack's.I think Steve downloaded it before.I saw it on his PC.

Mike:Good Idea.

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Official response:


It’s recently come to my attention that some fans on Reddit caught a screenshot of a pirated software plug-in from a recent Youtube clip I did with Linkin Park. To clear the air, I have owned the properly registered plug-in, Sylenth, for over 4 years now on my studio computer. I’ve included both the receipt and a screenshot of the actual plug-in below, purchased by my faithful assistant Jacob Lee. This is the computer I do all of my production on, including “A Light That Never Comes” with Linkin Park.


However, the honest truth is that screenshot is in fact of my road laptop (the laptop I DJ with). I go through 5 or 6 of them a year, usually purchasing them while on the road. After my last purchase, I had asked my road team to help me load in my production software and apparently they didn’t ask Jacob for the authorization code for Sylenth and installed a pirated version.


So my apologies go out to the good people at Lennar Digital and a big thank you to my fans that caught the mistake which has since been rectified.



Steve Aoki

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