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  1. maybe it was too late everyone was tired ^^ i dont know if i woul have the energy left to rock to every song after 12 hours of waiting and standing there
  2. will be there in berlin, stuttgart and frankfurt
  3. but u have to buy it seperatley
  4. oooookayyy its a bit confusing for me... 60$ for annual membership but without a CD... only for lpu events and so on??? i dont understand this part: The $60 package comes with the LPU M&G at shows, presales, access to special LPU events so my question: these are still LPU M&G CHANCES??? OR will i get a M&G for a show i will attend surely???
  5. wanna go there. had no luck for today in cologne but hamburg is a bit too far for whatever we all will hear the new album in few weeks so
  6. thats a good question.... I wanna know what those slashes mean //
  7. what about album release date with all the 1s and 0s ^^ 10.10.10, 11.10.10, 10.11.10 last line 101110 october 11 2010 its a monday haha
  8. im going and im happy that i bought my standing ticket one day before it was sold out. so now my friend needs a ticket for stuttgart!!! anyone can help?????
  9. stop fighting guys yeaaah i love this elephant thing thats all i ever dreamed of elephaaaaants
  10. yeeeees frankfurt!!!! maybe berlin and stuttgart