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  1. The problem is, it turns out to be a not very intelligent discussion because: 1/ The accusation of Mike's lipsynching is very loose. Him sounding exactly like the record is actually not a sound reason to blame him of lipsynching. Even when they want to accuse Britney Spears of lipsynching (which she obviously did), they need more proofs than this. 2/ Bad song choice. Like I said, who cares about "The Requiem", at all? When I first read the title on twitter, I was not offended, just deadly curious. Then I opened this thread, I was totally facepalming. "The Requiem", srsly? It doesn't take a genius to realize that it seems like LPL is trying to gain some traffic - which is not a bad thing, but should have been done in a more reasonable way. While I wholeheartedly agree that LPL has all the right to raise such a question, it's not hard to see that everyone was unhappy with this being on the newswire (glad it's off). Not because 'Mike Shinoda' and 'lipsynching' were put in one sentence, but because the question is not even worth their 'intelligent' time. Even to the haters, it's like a big 'the cake is a lie' in the face. This is no communist nation, we don't need propaganda or have to sugarcoat the band's mistakes, but then there's one or two things a big fansite like this should remember to remain their quality. Choose 'Did Mike use sample/pre-record?' instead of 'Did Mike lipsynch?' - tentative approach for a sensitive issue for example. And stop the mouth from running faster than the brain, too. I'm out.
  2. Seriously, people, it's "The Requiem"... Who gives a shit if he lipsynches this very song? Like someone pointed out, he can just leave it for the pre-record to play and no one would give a damn. Mike has done that before - mouthing words instead of singing into the mic during Chester's parts, so it's not like he was pretending to sing or whatever, because, WELL, OBVIOUSLY, he didn't have to pretend anything (let's be honest with each other, there's nothing to prove with this song). And again, it's "The Requiem"... I don't get why you have to make a fuss out of this, Mark. Boo, really.
  3. You are right, it is NOT rock album. Linkin Park has never been a pure rock band in the first place, and they are not obliged to write a rock album for anyone. They can release a gay club dance album and it's still Linkin Park. The listeners/audience/fans CAN'T define what Linkin Park is. Only Linkin Park themselves can. Chester is present more than 30%. Most of the time, Mike does not perform his vocals alone but they would do a duet, Chester, then Mike, or vice versa, or both of them together. Mike has some prominent rapping going on, but Chester has a huge fast singing/screaming (which people would call 'rapping') part on Blackout, and a whole song for himself that is The Messenger (that IS a Chester song, the whole 'love is my message' lyrics, the acoustic background and everything) It's silly assuming that you know what they should do and should not do. This is THEIR band, THEIR own music. In the end, what 'artist's integrity' would be left for them if they only write lazy, easy stuff to satisfy the fans and forget to challenge themselves? You may dislike the album, it's alright, but saying that the band didn't know what they were doing is hilarious. Who are you to judge what they know? And seriously, dear, get a life. IT'S JUST A GOD DAMN ALBUM. If you hate the album, okay, forget about it, find some other album that you love and blast it on, have a smoke, go out and take your girl to some nice dinner. Life is still good! Oh well, they lost fans every album. And then gain tons of new fans too. Albums still sell, concert ticket sold out, videos got streamed on MTV, hits being played till death on radio. I have heard it all before. Same shit different day. Tell me something I don't know.
  4. There won't be no package, so I guess there's no shipping fee either >.> And what Kathy said.
  5. Fuck. Riders on the storm is one of my ultimate favorite songs. And with old good Ray? I can die a happeh kid now.
  6. Of course they will! They may not know it's Holi but many people know about the color festival. And of course Chester will wear pretty sari and dance while singing his heart out in high-pitched voice, totally Bollywood style. Or the band will ride elephants and go into a huge battle, that sounds about right, bahaha >.>
  7. An elephant, a colorful Chester and everything related to Krishna that gotta do with 'A thousands Sun', am I the only one thinking of Holi (the color/spring festival in India) here? Linkin Park is gonna have a color fest in the new single, that's it.
  8. Nothing too interesting as far as I know. He was talking about how great fried rice is, how he could make nice fried rice and his friends always ask him to make fried rice when he's over blahblah. I and another guy (spraypaintandinkpens I think?) asked Mike about the 'proggy sound' thing but he didn't answer. However, there's a high chance that he might read my question because it came out right after one of his line. Maybe him reposting lplive's news on the 'proggy sound' is a way of him to answer our question: he confirmed it. Maybe?
  9. I won't call it a bad joke. It's a Linkin Park tradition to throw out these kinds of thing. Interesting *squints*
  10. This is HUGE. Remember when She Shines was out, people were pretty loco over it, now the fandom is just quiet. It's amazing seeing how Chester grew up as a singer, he was lack of techniques, but so full of raw energy (which may mostly come from drugs). I really hope more Grey Daze material will be released, at least the full Rally Kaps 94 show.
  11. Q: "What is your favorite Linkin Park live moment and why? From 2000 to now, whether it's a show you've been to or not, what is your favorite moment of the band's live history?" A: My favorite Linkin Park live concert is the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show, 8th Dec 07. The marching band, the choir, Mike being playful on the piano and the whole amusing holiday atmosphere makes me fall for it. Plus, there was a proshot, so plus point for the nice view.
  12. Mark, you forgot to mention that in the poll there are like 5 'yes' options and only 1 no. Way to go, LPU. The next LPU CD had better make up for all of this.
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