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  1. FIVE DAYS LEFT, SO PUMPED FOR THIS!!!!! ...on a different note, any idea when/if M&G invites have been sent out?
  2. Going to the show and signed up for a M&G too... happy to see LP back here after having to cancel their show during the ATS Touring Cycle. Looking forward to a great night! To those who have never been here before, it is a relatively small arena (about 10k altogether, so probably about 7-8k with this not being a 360 show). There are almost no bad vantage points and I am speaking from experience. I have been to shows up close to the stage on the floor and on the ass opposite end of the arena in the second level. Acoustics are pretty good and its very easy to find where you're going when you're walking around. Can't begin to say how much I'm looking forward to this!
  3. I just noticed that Burn It Down has two different track lengths listed. It has 3:50 for the video/radio edit and 4:40 for the album version. The difference is on the Wikipedia page for the album. Now I don't know if I should take this with a grain of salt but this seems kind of odd. Does anyone have more info on this? With the "album length" of BID, it puts the total length of LT to 37:48 (not including the live version of WID on the Japanese bonus track). Album length is irrelevant to me, quality over quantity any day of the week and those who have heard & reviewed LT have liked it. Plus the turnaround time (especially compared to MTM and ATS) is pretty damn good...
  4. I am very, very, VERY excited to hear BID as well as how the band has evolved on Living Things (pun mostly intended, lol). After reading some early reviews and what we have as confirmed tracks, this should be a very exciting year to be an LP fan! #LinkinPark2012 indeed, haha :-D
  5. This is definitely an interesting setlist IMO, some thoughts: - Generally speaking, ND is a great song with a hell of a lot of energy but it makes a weird opener. Though considering its the Transformers 3 Premiere it seems to be a good move, esp for the crowd at this particular show. - Have you actually looked at the beginning of the set? This could be one of the hardest starts ever I think. See: ND -> Papercut -> Given Up -> Faint -> WTCFM -> NMS ; Given Up into Faint alone is ridiculous! Not sure if that's ever been done but on paper it looks incredible! - Middle of the set calms down, relatively at least: WFTE -> Numb -> The Radiance (idk why but I love how the Oppenheimer speech and Catalyst vocals jive here) -> BTH - Crawling into OSC seems like it would end a main setlist IMO. I can't see OSC not closing the main setlist for some reason. I personally think that the main set would end here (if there is an encore break) instead of ITE (which, doesn't seem to have the energy of a closing song despite the name of the song). I'm pretty sure Fallout -> Catalyst has opened encores before on this tour cycle but then again it is the premiere show so Iridescent could open up an encore (if there is one since they have done shows recently w/o breaks). - If WJ & L opens up an encore, you have two of the three Transformers singles back to back at the end of the set (Iridescent -> WID) while the other one opens the show (ND). - I agree w/ Mark's initial post about how its a 'pretty interesting setlist'. Has OSC ever been in the middle of a set instead of opening a show/closing a main set/closing an encore? ---> I'm sure this has been answered somewhere before, but will this show have a DSP or is this the only one on the tour that won't? I bet there will be people recording the intro and when they play Iridescent, but I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what it sounds/sounded like without the standard crowd distortion.
  6. I'm hoping the same for the 2/4 NYC and 2/11 Mohegan shows, actually. Though would be strangely ok if they were the same because I'm in the pit for the NYC show and in reserved seats next to the stage for the Mohegan Sun show so it'd be interesting to see from a different perspective. (Obviously not ideal, I'd love to see different material but beggars can't be choosers I guess- lol).
  7. I'm going to the 2/4 and 2/11 shows, good to hear that they're randomly rotating setlists. Definitely looking forward to both show and hopefully the weather won't have an effect on either of them. In regard to WJ&L, I kind of hope they drop it altogether- serves no purpose, in my opinion... now especially with this new development.
  8. I 100% agree, been saying this for years actually- lol *edit 2001 Rock AM Ring: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHcTVSawNNw 2004 Rock AM Ring: Two comparisons... one opening a show, one in the middle. The Requiem into the Savio speech into this would be fucking nuts, especially with the scream. Then again I might be very biased since the scream gets me totally amped every time I hear it, haha
  9. I feel like I'm the only person that isn't a huge fan of BTH and ITE. I've been a fan of LP since I first bought Hybrid Theory back in 2000 and seen them live 5 times (before this current tour), and find myself liking their harder/heavier songs a lot more. I know its unrealistic to play a totally balls to the wall set every night and I understand the need to please even the 'non-hardcore fans' but in my opinion, they've lost their spark. I know for a fact though that regardless of which set they play those nights, I'll love every minute of the show when I see them on 2/4 and 2/11; seeing them is such a blast.
  10. Damn, yeah that was... only a few days! I wonder if the rest of the tour will post as quickly?
  11. I thought I was the only person who thought that Don't Stay was a good intro, I'd also think that the Savio speech into With You to open a show would be nothing short of incredible. I wish they had With You and Figure .09 brought back to their live shows but since its an ATS promo tour and they haven't played those songs in years, I'm probably doing a lot of wishful thinking at this point- lol.
  12. So I've had the Foursquare and the LP App on my iPhone for quite some time now. I don't see an option to check-in thru the LP application (granted the shows I'm going to are 2 & 3 weeks away). Do we check-in thru Foursquare or the LP app itself, because I also don't see the "Events" section in the LP application that they mention...?
  13. Me too! What row are you? Also, any idea what the first row are in sections 14 and 26? (the two that LPU members have access to thru the presale). I would normally say A but I know the stage could be of the triangular design & when I looked on StubHub for an indicator, the first row could be F because there are no tickets up for A-E... its very rare that front row tickets don't make it online for a 3rd party sale. Anyone have any idea what it is?
  14. I got my tickets too (came on 12/20... Monday). Are you in the pit or did you get reserved seats? (if you got seats, where are you sitting?)
  15. bloc party over POA is fucking epic, was at the MSG show back in 2008 (also with jay-z making an appearance) when they did it. POA with a fort minor intro and outro (there they go) was awesome when they did it... who knows, maybe they'll bring it back on the US tour if they mix-n-match the setlists a little bit?
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