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  1. My favorite concert is when they sang In The End. It's so special to me and it makes me cry all the time.
  2. They decided to not make it happen because they know it could never beat LPU9
  3. My flacid penis is a commercial flop.
  4. Because everyone else is posting videos
  5. I feel sorry for those who have missed how fucking epic blackout is from this album.
  6. Steve Jobs has passed away today. Is this LP related? Not necessarily, however, I thought it deserved a mention as one of the most influential people of this generation is in a better place. Linkin Park has done a couple iTunes related concerts, so there is your relevance! They played at the Apple Store in NYC in 2008 (show page here) as well as the iTunes Festival in London, UK this year (show page here). R.I.P Steve.
  7. Nah. If you type out www.figure09.com in your address bar, it goes to this thread.
  8. This thread is now the official home of figure09.com!
  9. Legend

    LPL + You

    Add the donate button to the top of the forum. Many more views that way!
  10. Legend

    LPL + You

    Hopefully someone more trustworthy will handle these donations this time around. @_@ Can a staff member PM me the average monthly cost for LPL? I'll send some $$$ over for a few months.
  11. Hey Pez, how many times have you played with LP live?
  12. The only problem I see with A Thousand Suns is that it doesn't sound like Figure.09
  13. I love the idea knowing that Linkin Park can make different kinds of music and make it sound good. To date, as a band showing their creativity and skill, this is their best album yet. However, this was my LEAST favorite album from them. I have been a hardcore Linkin Park fan for many years. Chester Bennington being my idol. So anything that ever comes from him, or this band, I am quick to jump into. When The Catalyst first came out, I bashed on it hard. A few months later, I took back my statement. It is one of the best tracks on the album, but that isn't saying much. Every song on this album is great in its own way, but to me personally, it doesn't have much replay value. My favorite songs on the album are The Requiem, Burning In The Skies, When They Come For Me, Blackout, Wretches And Kings, and The Catalyst. All the other songs are automatic skips for me whenever they play on a CD or MP3 player. And out of all of these songs that I like from the album, none of them make it in my Top 10 favorite Linkin Park songs. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a crazy Hybrid Theory fan. I can't stand that album either. I LOVE Hybrid Theory live, but can't stand the album version anymore. My favorite CD from LP is Meteora & Reanimation. Liked a few songs off of MTM. One of the main reasons I liked Linkin Parks older work is because it was more "in your face", and most of the songs were CATCHY as fuck. Thats what I like. ATS doesn't have many songs that fills my desires in their music. One of my biggest gripes with the album is that a HUGE fan favorite of the album is the kind of stuff Linkin Park is doing less and less of (Blackout, with its screaming). Don't care much for screaming, but ehh, damn.. this album was a disappointment. I remember when the album came out, I was worried if Linkin Park would beat Trey Songz or not for the #1 spot. LP did beat him for the spot, but I would have never imagined I would be at a point in time where I would worry about Linkin Park barely overcoming another musician. ATS was my least favorite album from them song wise, but my favorite from the creatively. I feel these songs gave them better live shows and live show sets, but I also feel like these last two albums completely changed their fan base. It is what it is. Im not bitching. Ill always be a fan of their work. I just hope that they will stop with the slower shit and start raising the tempo. Not asking for guitars, or screaming, or anything. Im just tired of all this music that I can fall asleep too. Now that that is said, I'll go pop in Hybrid Theory and crawl in my closet and cut myself like the emo little bitch that I am. Next album needs more Figure.09
  15. I've been listening to this on repeat all day and I am speechless. I loved it from beginning to end. I hate Numb and In The End with a PASSION (original versions)! I actually enjoyed the shit out of the remixes though. I can go so far as to say that some of these remixes are better than the original. If I ever listen to In The End again, it HAS to be this version. Fucking SICK! This Somewhere I Belong remix, I enjoyed more than the original SIB, and I loved that song, so that's saying a lot! And now.... Blackout. All I can say is HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I can see why this is everyones favorite. Because it sure as hell is mine too. I'm a huge fan of remixes and fan mixes of songs, especially Linkin Park songs. It makes me catch interest in the songs again, which is why I enjoyed this album so much... but blackout... holy shit. I can honestly say, after all my years of listening to Linkin Park song remixes, this is by far my favorite remix of any LP song I have ever heard, and to me, it's the best one I've ever heard as well. Love it so much, I love it more than the original Blackout. After hearing this, there is no going back to the original Blackout for me. This takes the throne. Im impatiently waiting and hoping for "A Different, Darker, Perspective." Haha. Keep up the good work friend!
  16. I will personally pay for GigaScythe's plane ticket and hotel if he performed in this and someone recorded it.
  17. Not Alone? Perfect for this show? Didn't know the setlist sucked THAT much.
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