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  1. Fell on some hard times guys, and I'm looking to make some money to pay some medical bills. That being said, I figured I'd give you guys dibs first before I go the eBay route. I have a HT RIAA Award and a Meteora RIAA award. If anyones interested shoot me an email at filtysith@gmail.com with an offer.
  2. It's time I throw in the towel guys Everything's being sold as a lot. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=261239064065 I've loved collected the past 15 years, but now I just have the time, space, or money for it anymore. Take a look!
  3. Hey Guys, selling my collection, I figured I'd give you dibs first before it goes on eBay. The Autographed m2m poster, and HT RIAA Award I prob wont sell unless the offer is really good. Otherwise everything else (CD's/Cassettes/DVDs, etc) is fair game. http://www.flickr.com/photos/69357629@N02/...57627912776405/ Email zach@zachtaylor.org
  4. I'm looking to get some pics of LP RIAA Awards, does anyone have any of the others? Know Awards: Hybrid Theory Gold Hybrid Theory Platinum Pic Reanimation Platnium Meteora Platnium Pic Looking For: Live in Texas - Platnium Frat Part - Platnium A Thousand Suns - Gold Minutes to Midnight - Platnium Some awards may have multiple versions, IE Gold, and Platnium, Multi-Platnium. Basicly I'm looking to comiple photo's of each RIAA Award LP has been awarded, so If you have any pictures of anything listed, or even that I don't have listed please s
  5. Leaving at 1am to get there! I'm excited! I hate having to go alone though All that traveling is gonna succcck! Can't wait to meet you guys though!
  6. "Fuck yooouuuu" Glad to see they're having a good time again!
  7. Nice... I like this alot.
  8. Why not? Mike admits that the album will be leaked. I just think its funny that record labels can't be intuitive to do anything about it.
  9. Why don't record companies 'leak' fake albums. With the album name, proper track listings but really off the wall songs, or extreamly bad quality songs. Then re-leak it 3 or for days later but add 'real' to the title. All they would have to do is have everyone who works for the label seed it and it it'd at least saturate the torrent and p2p market enough for a few days to throw off and real leaks for a while. As soon as a real leak is discovered, re leak the fake AGAIN and title it exactly like the real leak. Just saying.
  10. When you think about it, they are more likely to remember set lists rather then track lists.
  11. Well it's interesting... not what I expected. Not bad though
  12. Because I haven't heard it yet and I'm impatient lol
  13. Well shit, stream never loaded for me. Guys tell me what'd I miss?