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  1. Let me be the first to say... I like this Geki.
  2. Geki 2.0 Sydney crushed it. She was amazing. As a matter of fact, all of the females of the evening absolutely did justice to the songs they sang (Besides Alanis on COG; shit was trash)
  3. Something else I just noticed from the live stream that I didn't notice during the live event when I attended... On Bleed It Out, M Shadows sang Chester's part of the song (on the live stream) I didn't realize that live. I don't know if I didn't pay attention or what but live it felt like everyone was singing. Also, at the end of BIO, Synyster Gates shred a little. I definitely didn't hear this live but its clear on the live stream. Anyone agree/disagree with all this? Was strange that I didn't notice all this live. For anyone knows how big I am on A7X.... the ending of the concert was a game changer for me. What are the odds that you're two favorite bands of all time will come as one? Insane.
  4. The times of LP being aggressive in their music is over. And if it means having more of Mike and the rest of the guys around, I'm okay with it. More Mike is better than no Mike.
  5. I agree. Ilsey was one of the better performances of the night, and she absolutely killed it on the guitar. Put Brad to shame (sorry not sorry)
  6. Just some notes as I was there live... A Place For My Head was the best performance. That growl though >>>>>>>>>>>>> Crawling was phenomenal. There was no lipsyncing. Oli was amazing and I feel bad about what happened to him with the live stream. It must be heartbreaking to him because that performance was extremely important to us. I hate Burn It Down but M. Shadows banged that shit. Avenged Faint was the highlight of the show for me. When they brought out Syn, who is my guitar idol out, it was surreal. Syn shredded a solo in there, but you cant hear it at all on the stream. Find some recordings! Castle of Ass was trash. Saddest moment of the show? It was not OML or the new song. It was not Numb or In The End. It was New Divide. The band played the music live and on the screens around the venue it was Chester signing (in line with the live music) from a previous show at the hollywood bowl. Everyone would look at the screen and see chester singing and jumping around but you would look at the stage and he wasnt there.
  7. Just to follow up on my previous post. Yes I was there. Yes, I was sexy
  8. Saw this live and you can seriously hear a pin drop during this song performance. Definitely got everyone eyes watery.
  9. Can't even tell you how amazing this was live.... Still soaking it all in...
  10. I will be there. And I will be sexy.
  11. I absolutely cannot wait to give you all high fives and butt touches in Los Angeles.
  12. Avenged Sevenfold confirmed.... damn...
  13. Well thats good to know. I was going crazy trying to buy one damn ticket lol I'm in G1. See you all there. Lets meet up.
  14. Anyone else having trouble with Ticketmaster? I haven't been able to purchase a ticket for the past few hours.
  15. If anyone has a code they aren't using, please contact me.
  16. If anyone needs a place to stay, youre more than welcome to crash at my hotel room. In the process of purchasing everything right now.
  17. Yes, if anyone has a code they know they aren't going to use, please send it my way.
  18. I will be there. There is no chance I am missing this.
  19. Heartbreaking... Absolutely... Just when I thought I moved on. Nope.
  20. I like the page. I believe it's important information for those that DO follow every event related to the band. Also, don't be a pussy.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEs7-eF0uBs That guy has one of the most beautiful male singing voices that you will hear. Your statement is invalid.
  22. Just going to throw some names out there... smaller names. Brandon Bolmer, a personal friend of mine. Former singer of Chiodos. Amazing cleans. Can hit high notes. Can hit low notes. Can scream his ass off, and sound good doing it. Amazing stage presence. Also, pretty young. Can handle long-ish sets full of heavy music. Produces his own music so he could have amazing input on future music. Can bring something new and clean to the table. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec9j2OwZmbA Jordan Radvansky, Vocals for Sepharim. Small band. The singer. My goodness. Young. A powerhouse. Nice screams. Can handle LP heaviness. Now... the clean vocal. Listen to him. I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful this fucking voice is. Seriously. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEs7-eF0uBs
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