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  1. after mastering where do you post them? or do you keep it yourself? would be interested to hear all the mastered editions..
  2. there's the PT EP instrumentals and acapellas. at least there's that.
  3. No More Sorrow Official Instrumental is out
  4. If I'm not mistaken it was from the CD that was sent for mastering. There was like 3 folders containing just LOTS of files.
  5. And I don't think we will ever get it. The leaks that we've been getting might be sourced internally,which they gotten from the group may have already been merged. The only way we can get the real deal, is through the band's vault itself, much like how PMA was leaked.
  6. With W&E multitrack release, finally can try to play around editing the song with Mario Savio's speech.
  7. For 2017.06.25 i found a bit of different source http://heavysoundboard.blogspot.com/2017/07/linkin-park-live-southside-festival.html
  8. discover wrong link for 2019.03.23 should be
  9. found a sort of full video for tel aviv:
  10. There was an long 6 pages of discussion about this. Nobody except Mike know how the intros is in the acetate. This was Adam's reply back when everyone was doubting that the intro was sort of a glitch in the acetate.
  11. POA official acapella is out
  12. to this day he haven't replied my PM on this. It's not in the concert stems however the one I have is only partial stems.
  13. he really is messing with the spreadsheet indeed.
  14. empty it to us, maybe? still a lot of unreleased stuff in that vault..
  15. as below.. he helped me to clarify it.. sorry for the confusion
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