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  1. If scoring a 2nd place on American Idol means a fame to you...then yes, he was well-known then. lol
  2. Why not? Adam Lambert was not well known until he joined Queen...I do understand he's not there to replace Freddie, and that wasn't even the point but he does the job just like Alex.
  3. Get this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KUo4a6CJWo Rename to Linkin Park feat. Alex McMillan
  4. Not sure how many of you actually like it or ale blinded fanboys who will like anything they put out. Sorry, it's crappy. I don't even walk to talk more about it, If the rest of the album sounds similarly, I hope they will only play a track or two (or maybe none) on the following tour. If not, I might as well just pass the Cracow gig and pick next SOAD show.
  5. There are only 3 full sources from this show as far as I know, Nomad's, system89 and mine. Last two will never be shared. We might create a 2cam-mix (me and system89) and share it afterwards.
  6. Oh my! How freaking cool this is! What was the last time they played APFMD? 2012?
  7. http://lplive.net/shows/db/2015/20150825 Source 2: Video - AUD (?) Location: Left side seats Taper: ? Time: ? mins (full show) Comments: More information coming soon. => Taper: system89 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_25AUw-n8A Source 3: Video - AUD (?) Location: Right side seats Taper: ? Time: ? mins (full show) Comments: More information coming soon. => Taper: Anidamaru (me) http://soadbootlegs.cba.pl/videos.php?recId=520
  8. Filmed full show from right seats. Here's a sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y8gYvLJfvk
  9. 7. From the inside 8. Runaway into 9. Wastelands
  10. Thanks a lot! That's what I wanted to know. That being said, I'll wait for them Tirea: Yeah, I know
  11. Let me start off by saying that I've been huge Linkin Park fan since 2007 to maybe, 2012. Of course I still like them but I don't really follow them as much as before. I'll be attending their show in Rybnik, Poland. My question is: Has anybody caught them on an airport and been successful in getting photo/autograph? Or are they rejecting people because they're rushing/got M&G for that kind of thing. What's their attitude like? I could probably catch them at airport, but I don't want to waste like 5 hours if I get to be rejected anyway.
  12. Most traders trade show for show, not disc for disc. The reason behind creating two DVD's is to preserve a higher bitrate.
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