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  1. This is now up on Youtube (in Australia at least), and likely other stream / music platforms.
  2. Looking at picking up either the Super Deluxe Edition or the Digital Download version, does anyone know what file formats they'd be available for download in? If it's lossless I'm totally in, but I'd rather not spend at minimum, $80 AUD for MP3's, especially for albums I already own. Cheers!
  3. Yikes, this was four years ago! Good times.. Necroing the thread to post an edited version of Picture of Faultlines. The small glitch in the second chorus had always bugged me, so I had a look at the original M4A file in Audacity, and it was just a small repeated section. So I removed it and exported the result as a WAV file, which can be found here. Because it's been exported as a Lossless Audio file, hopefully that means converting down to mp3/m4a for phone/media player listening should be minimal in loss of quality (sounds alright on my end)... For those that are still listening, enjoy!
  4. Found this the other day It has a few lyrics and other tidbits around.
  5. I would love for this format to be tried. Put in a backing orchestra and a choir for Robot Boy, and you've got a hell of an experience!
  6. Glad I could help. If I ever find myself in Brazil, I'll take you up on that offer!
  7. I remembered listening to the song on Youtube last year while looking for LP Bonus tracks. I saved a copy of it somewhere on my HD under it's actual name, then backtracked and googled for a bit more info. Easy if you know what you're looking for
  8. Researched(!!) The song is called Picture Frames and it's by Fallacy Flow. Here's the And here's a shorter version of it I found. The band's Canadian and released two albums; "A Prelude To..." and "Frailty From Grace". There's a little more info here, but that's about all I could find. I hope this helps! EDIT: The band's extinct webpage
  9. That's a fair enough reason. What could be added to the archive to give it that next big push? A file containing lyrics for all the songs? What's something large the could warrant the update, (not that the archive really needs it atm)?
  10. So is 1.5 going ahead? I'm cool with that tracklisting, I edited my own files to match, though I altered the track names in iTunes to reflect what certain demos became. IE: Where's Your Man (Below Your Window Demo) All of the in Betweens (Come On And Rise Demo) You Can't Stop Me (I, Flood Demo)
  11. It would ultimately for me depend on the material that would be played. I would be awesome for LP to debut both new and old songs, but for me, I would prefer more medleys. The band gets through 20 of the same songs every show they play, mix it up a bit. Play a couple of B-sides for once, don't let your hit songs become the only songs you play, otherwise they'll be the only ones that are asked for. PMA + POWERLESS + TLTGYA could work as a medley. More Variety!!
  12. Quick question, started listening through all of Stereo, got to 'Pictures of Faultlines' and it had a small gap in it. Do all versions have that small pause?
  13. Compared to the original version, it's fantastic. I managed to find a copy of it anyway. For those who don't have it, enjoy!
  14. http://www.lpassociation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35122 There was a FLAC version released here, but I never caught it in time. I managed to get this one, which is an earlier version of it. Any chance someone has the FLAC version of it?
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