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  1. I liked the song and the video, very sunny and positive 😎
  2. Meteora is shorter, but was released as double vinyl
  3. Hybrid Theory - (1 LP) .....why it's single again. why not a double vinyl?
  4. I guess CD will sell with some merch at concerts in China
  5. in China, or will there be a clean version of the album?
  6. why there is no Parental Advisory Label on CD ?
  7. I'm not a big fan of such electro hop. I'll give this album 4/5 the best tracks for me at this moment is - "Place To Start", "Brooding (Instrumental)". "I.O.U." you know, when One More Light came out, at first it seemed very positive to me, and only then, after Chester's death, the depressive note of the album reached me, now, I was waiting for a depressive album from Mike, but it turned out very well.
  8. I was there many times, not sure about 8.500 for me it looks 5,000
  9. Mike will play in Russia: August 31 St. Petersburg A2 Green Concert Club Tickets - https://spb.kassir.ru/koncert/klub-a2-green-concert/mike-shinoda_2018-08-31?utm_source=vk_pmi&utm_medium=grouppost&utm_campaign=mikeshinoda September 1st. Moscow Adrenaline Stadium Club Info - http://savshow.ru/concerts/mike-shinoda-of-linkin-park/?lang=en Tickets - https://msk.kassir.ru/koncert/adrenaline-stadium/mayk-shinoda-linkin-park_2018-09-01
  10. why it's called "Amoeba Records"? it's just a music store, "Amoeba Records" sounds like it's a record label
  11. I just said my opinion, I'm not comparing, I just like what Mike did for LP. still waiting june 15, maybe my opinion will change, but i doubt. but I like "Fort Minor - Welcome"
  12. no I don't like 2 songs from OML. it's "Good Goodbye" and "Talking To Myself". but even GG and TTM is better than this one
  13. I don't like this song. i prefer Mike in LP than solo
  14. that's awesome. Mike's solo. not Fort Minor
  15. but Chester's voice sounds better
  16. amazing songs! Mike is sooo talanted
  17. 10.20 Chula Vista - http://funkyimg.com/i/2AcWL.jpg
  18. very emotional, especially after all of that
  19. Digital Membership is for me