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  1. 1 hour ago, bloodbath said:

    Anyone else wants a fully upgraded version of the Docklands Arena show '01 as a bonus on a HT 20th anniversary edition? You know, the first real LP DVD finally released properly. Or the Roxy Show back in 2000

    Nah. If they do a live album it should be a new show, not something we've already had in full for years. I would love to see Dragon Festival or Berlin 2001 in full.

  2. To be honest, I think the guitar sounds a lot more like the A Thousand Suns demos from LPU XIV than anything else. There's some resemblance to the Meteora demos on the softer parts, with the piano and samples, but nothing really from the Hybrid Theory era. The synths are more modern, like the pre-One More Light demos from LPU 16. I do hear resemblance to What I've Done / Minutes To Midnight towards the end like it was mentioned here. It isn't really a good track to me, but it's nice to have something new released to the LPU.

  3. If you've signed up to Grey Daze's mailing list, check your inbox for a free mp3 download of their latest single 'Sometimes.' The track will be officially released tomorrow, on April 3rd. Along with the single release the band will be announcing an online listening party for Amends.



  4. 20 minutes ago, mrfox said:

    It is new version redorded live with Chester pre 07/20 ?

    No. It's the same vocal track from Amends with piano and acoustic guitar.


    On 3/26/2020 at 6:38 PM, sordomuda said:

    It comes with the preorder of a physical copy? 

    If you pre-ordered the album from the official website you should have received the track. If you pre-ordered from somewhere else you won't get it.

  5. Those who pre-ordered Grey Daze's upcoming album Amends can check their e-mails to download an acoustic version of the lead single 'What's In The Eye.' This is a bonus track on the deluxe CD from Target, Saturn and other select stores and will not be available on digital releases or physical editions sold on the band's official store.


    The album has been officially postponed to June 26th due to the coronavirus outbreak. The band is now planning an online listening party of Amends on the original April 10th date.

  6. The Birthday Massacre and Julien-K's tour has been officially postponed due to multiple cancellations resulted from the coronavirus epidemic. They are working on a reschedule of the tour dates. Meanwhile, the band will be shipping all the Harmonic Disruptor perks and fulfill the remaining personal perks over the next 2 weeks. Things to look forward:


    - Stronger Without You track drops 3/20/20

    - Harmonic Disputor album drops 4/3/2020 with new single Burn The System

    - New campaign: Trauma Echos


    Read the entire note here: https://www.facebook.com/julienk/photos/a.351126906186/10157681066856187/


  7. 54 minutes ago, martinez said:

    I probably have the wrong version of No More Sorrow in my "bonus tracks/bestbuy" folder because the preview of it from Napster doesnt match with the one I hane.

    That's actually something I was talking to @Hahninator the other day. Who knows if we even have the right versions of those tracks? If you downloaded them someone there's a chance someone could have simply extracted the audio from the videos and provided them for download with the album. If they used LPLive to guide them they probably extracted the audio from the wrong show. We might need someone who downloaded the tracks in 2007 and still have them.


    By the way, it looks like the Stripped Music performance was available in both video and audio:



    I also noticed something on the videos we have from this performance. What I've Done and the interview have a different resolution (smaller) from the rest of the videos. I do remember WID was released before the rest so that might be the reason. Whoever provided the download for fans might have ignored the new WID file because they thought it was the same as the old one.


    54 minutes ago, martinez said:

    I guess it's the same if the album is available only for streaming, right?


    MTM BestBuy is available for streaming. Probably in the US only.  Where? On Napster, Spotify.

    I don't know what to answer.

  8. 3 hours ago, martinez said:

    I have compared the WID one more time with all the vids and it looks like it is for a 100% this video. Even mix and master is almost the same, but the noticeable differences can be caused by the low quality of the video.


    So you can associate a show page for BestBuy and live single. What is the show page for that?


    I will try to compare the itunes bonus track later this week on Saturday. That will be the hard one.

    This is hilarious because I remember comparing the Circuit City bonus track with all these shows and thought it was very similar to the AT&T video as well. Are we sure the Circuit City track isn't the same as the BestBuy bonus and the live single?

  9. Ok, if they don't match I'd say none of the tracks are from AOL or Third Encore. The only thing we know for sure is that the BestBuy bonus track and live single are from the same performance. The next step would be to compare them to the other March 2007 performances:






    Circuit City*


    *For all we know, the Circuit City audio could be from one of the other performances too.

  10. I'll make it simple:






    Third Encore:




    We have three tracks for What I've Done:

    BestBuy Bonus Track

    iTunes Bonus Track

    Live Single


    From which of those two shows is each track?


    As it is right now:

    BestBuy Bonus Track = AOL

    iTunes Bonus Track = ???

    Live Single = AOL


    Is everything from AOL?

  11. Ok, first of all: don't provide download links of tracks from singles or other things that are still available to buy. Check martinez' site if you need a list of things that aren't allowed. Downloadable bonus tracks should be ok since the download codes in the CDs have expired years ago.


    Second: looks like your WID from Third Encore was taken from the original iTunes edition of MTM. Is this the right show? LPLive always listed that track as being from AOL but that could be wrong. Have you compared it to the videos of Third Encore and AOL?


    You guys shouldn't compare the tracks to other tracks. Compare them to the videos and you'll know exactly what performance they are from.

  12. 1 hour ago, Bree said:

    Thank you. Wow this place is huge!! 

    How do I get the community app? Can you help me please? 

    Oh & pleased to meet you 🎶❤️🎶

    Are you talking about the one Mike is using? To subscribe you just need to send a text to Mike's phone number, but it's pretty much for the United States only. If you're outside the US, it won't work.

  13. 1 hour ago, bloodbath said:

    Thanks for the upload! A couple of questions if you don't mind, the "live from carnivores tour 2014" where they were recorded exactly? What about the numb and new divide, victimized and WFTE versions in the "other" categorie?









    New Divide isn't live:



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