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  1. cool that LPFuse "reborn". I often look at this site. I look back LPLive (of course: D), LPFuse, rarely LPAssociation and LPZion (Polish fansite).
  2. I agree with radq. I wonder if members LP will hear our protests : D
  3. I consider this is a good cover, but in the chorus Chaz not kneading.
  4. very well happen that Rick will be back (with Mike Shinoda) co-produced next child LP: D At the moment I do not see a better producer than for the LP than Rubin.
  5. on one site of the LP fans I heard that LP digitally improved vocals. What do you think about this?
  6. This is one big mystery what we hear on the new album LP. In my opinion, one can be sure: it will not be second ATS. And as to the date of issue is predicting for 2012, not a 2013. From what Mike said, it does not plan any projects related to FM, Chester for the time being unless it gave it a rest with his Dead By Sunrise. and now so with a wink: Warner could not agree on the texts of new songs, because they are "too dark": D
  7. where r u from ?

    hi dude * :D

  8. This performance is mediocre performance. I've seen (and heard) better. slowly starts bugging me is that LP does not play Burning In The Skies (and like to play BITS in Europe), and also the fact that LP could be more to change the setlist. I know that such a change from one gig to gig is a lot to do, but the team could just once more spice setlist eg. long ago not performed With You.
  9. that people like them, I know, but that as many as 30 million people!?!
  10. I do not understand why people still clicking "I like it" on LP FB! for a year or one and a half to catch up Eminem xD
  11. in the interesting fact of the first use of the word "Love " is that the word is used literally. And not out of context as in the POA, " you love the way ..."
  12. I have a few interesting facts! 1. The band offered free tickets for soldiers and families of soldiers participating in March-April war in Iraq on the Projekt Revolution tour in 2003. "We need to give something to people who make personal sacrifices for our country. It is therefore postponed tickets in every city we play in so far as to invite military personnel and their families to be able to see our shows for free. Our hope is that in these difficult and challenging times, these guys could find some fun and games "- Brad Delson 2. At the song P5hng Me A*wy from the album Reanimation around 0:42 - 1:00, after turning the sound, Mike sings: "Everything has to end, you'll soon find we're out of time left, then watch it all unwind Everything falls apart, even the people who never frown, Eventually break down "x2 3. On the Esaul video, which is on DVD Frat Party At The Pankake Festival, Chester does not have flames tattooed on his hands. 4. Team members agree that, peer2peer network and the Internet as a whole made ​​a significant contribution to the initial popularity of Linkin Park. Because they enabled access to music by a band much wider audience and to do so in an accessible to all interested parties a way. 5. Song No More Sorrow from the album Minutes to Midnight contains part of the original guitar track recorded at The Little Things Give You Away from the same disc. This amendment was proposed by album producer Rick Rubin during the recording disc. 6. Nobody's Listening was the last song recorded for the album Meteora (Street Team members receive promotional discs without this piece.) It was already completed during the mixing entirely in the studio. Then Chester, due to the earlier illness, was then forced to play his vocals. 7. The song "Standing in the Middle", featuring Motion Man (with CD LPU 4.0), was recorded in 2001 as a preparation for the song "Enth E Nd" from the album Reanimation. 8. In the track "The Messenger' for the first time in Linkin Park discography, the band used the word "Love". I hope that there were no replays: D
  13. in my country, I had a similar accident. Girl wanted to meet with the guys, and be at their concert, but the LP did not plan at the time concerts in Europe and was unable because of illness to do so. But Chester and a bunch dedicated her one of her favorite song "In The End". Link to video: A dream may come true Arleta.
  14. This video is AWESOME!!!! Love Joe Hahn and rest of band!!
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