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  1. This. The "we only want to play songs that everyone's heard of" excuse is really pathetic. Also, if a mainstream listener goes to a concert, they wouldn't (or they shouldn't) expect to know every song that's part of the set. People don't really care if the songs sound familiar or not. As long as it's good music, no one's complaining. And I don't see why they think it's so wrong for mainstream listeners -who sometimes think they're the "greatest LP fans evar"- to discover more of Linkin Park's songs.
  2. When Chester gave that interview in which he talked about how LP's fifth album was going to "polarize people", the fans asked Mike about it and he just went "I have no idea what he's talking about. The album isn't nearly done". So I'm not really getting my hopes up. I think late 2012 might be a possibility, but early 2012 just seems a little too soon for LP. I hope I'm wrong though.
  3. I don't see why the interviewer even asked him about the Lady Gaga lawsuit. That was a bad question. Seemed like Mike wasn't even sure how to answer that...
  4. Yeah, he says something about how the usual verse-chorus-verse-chorus song structure shouldn't be something they have to abide by when writing... or something along those lines. And I suppose this means they won't be playing the edited version too often.
  5. Apart from W&K, it sounds like, uh, pretty much every other setlist they've played on this tour...?
  6. Is it just me or do those guys have bad luck at festivals? Also, this. Can't imagine how humiliating it must've been for the band...
  7. That's because there is a problem with the competition.
  8. Well, the Iridescent remix was -in my opinion- horrible live. I'm not a big fan of the remix itself actually. I like how the song builds up in the album version. The remix just sounds a bit too pop-y. (Not that I have a problem with pop music. ) And the Moscow intro was amazing! I'm guessing they'll never use that intro again or at least not anytime soon (hence the name Moscow intro) but I like ND as an opener!
  9. After looking at the other entries that were posted in that article, I'm kind of surprised LP chose that one as the winner. I mean, I'm not bashing the artist, who probably did the best he could, but it doesn't seem like they went through the entries very carefully. But I wonder if they'll disqualify him and choose another winner (which would be embarrassing for artist who might not even have known the rules), or just ignore the problem altogether...
  10. Haha, I actually picked "I'm not interested in seeing LP". Bet I was one of the only people who picked that.
  11. For the songs, I picked Easier to Run, Blackout and Waiting for the End. I didn't put much thought into that one actually. Just picked the songs that I like at the moment. If you're talking about the "artists I want to see perform with Linkin Park" question, I picked Lupe Fiasco, Danger Mouse and Glitch Mob. I doubt they could ever perform with Danger Mouse though, because he's a producer.
  12. Not really. I listen to Indian music and doesn't sound Indian at all to me. And the "aye" in the end is definitely Arabic-esque. But never-mind that. Congratulations to all LP fans in India!
  13. Well, actually When They Come For Me doesn't sound Indian at all. It's more Arabic/Middle-Eastern
  14. Is it sad that I've never heard of any of these three groups? (Well, technically I've heard of Die Antwoord but never listened to their music)