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  1. i'll preface by saying I don't think there can every be a sole person that holds all time. I will even say Mike is UNDERRATED as a musician. IF we go by tiers, he belongs in the elite one.
  2. I wouldn't say all time, but he's def. left a mark on music lovers for two decades. I would like to see Mike make beats for rappers, he has some unique takes on it.
  3. I think he was and was a bit hypocritical with what he said considering he's in a mainstream band
  4. It is ultimately a selfish act but that's coming from a sane mind of rationale. If you never had the depth of darkness that could control your line of thinking that it's better to end your life that's your way to escape your mental hell then you wouldn't understand. He's had that mental instability and badness for prob 20 plus years and his prior heavy drug use made him more susceptible to committing the act. Losing his vest friend only accelerated it. Depression is both an invisible and visible diesease.. I hope you never feel that low because I have and it's no fucking joke on how strong that is.. no joke. Rip and love and healing to his family
  5. I think what hurt this album from being a tad higher on the satisfactory scale is how it was mixed and overly polished.
  6. sure goes something like good for top 40, noting original, highly forgettable. Kinda catchy, probably will hear the same thing in 6 months from a different group. LP should be better than that
  7. There's plenty of logic here, I would accept this album more if it was a basic group with no evidence of more creative poppy writing. When I hear a mainstream band like LP that is wildly successful for putting their ORIGINAL take on what people are doing in their respective genre or i.e "sound" come out with this release i'm highly disappointed. I wouldn't be so hard on this release if it was the chainsmokers or 21 pilots.
  8. halfway right sounds like battle part two
  9. I think the album would score higher if it wasn't LP, but LP should have spent a litttle longer on it. I'm not feeling most of the melodies or at least how its structured in a.. "we've heard this before" type thing. I liked what they were going for in Good Goodbye, Talking to my self and Sorry.
  10. Sorry for now is easily the best song, but even then, that song had more potential to branch off into this dancy-80s funky beat, they really could have latched onto that that musical break that they only play initially and then for the last 5 secs of the song. Sharp edges sounds like Mumford and sons - in a bad way. All the songs are boring and bland, and the production although top notch in its ways, provides for a boring experience. If they tried a little more raw take, it could have slightly saved the album from the abyss of forgettable. From initial listen, arguably their worst effort (living things sucked too) Lyrics were F. They always have had catchy corny lyrics but this was highlighted as terrible. Instrumentation- B. They had interesting layers, beats, texture and tones as per usual and expected at this point. Structure- F-. Straight ABYSMAL and overly repetitive. 2/10.
  11. easily their best album, they went down hill ever since.
  12. LP follows the trends. This sounds like a Chainsmoker song.. and they've been called Nickleback of EDM genre.. lol. Even if Breaking the habit was by all means pop.. it still had ingenuity to it.. and a refreshing original sound.. this sounds like your basic radio song. It's good for what it is.. but reanimation still remains their best album until further notice *ATS second*
  13. I change the rating to 6/10 due to it sounding better with headphones and it's catchy but I expect much Mike from lp. Even tho they've always been a mainstream band
  14. Theres nothin wrong with change when it's good, this song is not good. It's not even that it's a pop song, It's just a very basic song anyone could make and I expect more from a. Veteran band. The song is 2 out of 10.
  15. terrible lyrics, imo. LP really shined in ATS.. after that... not so much unfortunately.. not crazy about LT or THP. At this point, I just want a catchy LP
  16. This is from another poster in another forum that happens to have worked for WB *Warn Bros.* and now produces tv show music etc in hollywood. This was a thread about Led Zeppelin's case, but it kind of speaks to how little musicians get compensated. You can view the thread here.. the poster's name is Dane McCloud http://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=300402&page=7
  17. i know lp usually wonders around 4/4 as that is the standard in western music.. i feel we will hear some weirder sound time signatures based on mike being conscious on doing new things.
  18. average playing. not every guitarist you hear is good at soloing or free flowing lol.
  19. thank you! he must have been playing backstage? lol never showed him.. i only watched the first couple songs. Phoenix's haircut makes him look like Hitler
  20. anyone got videos of when Brad was replaced? I would like to see those performances
  21. might sound weird. But i would like to see some latin influences/ska/hip hip/electonric*not EDM CRAP*. Experiment with trombone/trumpet samples.. need brad to up the ante and play some smooth guitar licks/legato style.
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