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  1. 1. INVISIBLE (Mike come out with a voice we haven't ever seen and Chester's Angelic Voice in the background completes this song into one of my all time faves) It's a shame we can't see this live with Chester any more, I was REALLY looking forward to it. 2. NO MORE SORROW (PURE ENERGY&EPICNESS) 3. GIVEN UP (MORE PURE ENERGY & EPICNESS) The 16 second scream is BAD ASS 4. WAITING FOR THE END (SHOWCASES the musical range and talent that Linkin Park has) Love this music video too. Probably my all time favorite music video that really digs deep in your soul. 5. SHADOW OF THE DAY 6. WHAT I'VE DONE 7. NUMB/ENCORE (The song that got me into LP) 8. UNTIL IT'S GONE 9. Burning in the Skies (This song really tied together A Thousand Suns, the instruments on this song are beautiful, one of the best linkin park songs ever, a true musical masterpiece) 10. When They Come for Me (TRY TO CATCH UP MOTHERFUCKER!) BURNING IN THE SKIES
  2. I don't know how I ended up with a Pool C ticket, I feel privileged and to be able to attend this event. I'm very excited to be flying in from Orlando for this. Can't wait to unite with the Linkin Park family and fans for what will be one of the most important/emotional nights in the bands history. I wouldn't miss this for the world and I can't wait to be there with everyone.
  3. Took this one on the ATS Tour down in Sunrise FL. My best LP picture I've ever taken
  4. I thought that Linkin Park put on one heck of a show last night at Steinbrenner field, they literally hit it out of the park with their performance. After all of the talk about how the previous show was cut short, and Chester being hurt, after seeing what I saw yesterday, I'm very excited for the fans that are going to be able to watch this band play an amazing set with nothing but hit after hit, with amazing transitions and surprises throughout. Of course there's going to be a lot of talk about which songs should be cut, which songs should be extended, but at the end of the day we are truly lucky to be seeing the best band ever play in front of our eyes! Being able to transition from song to song and cut and mix songs takes to skill and is an art in and of itself, so appreciate it while you can folks! Viva LP!!!!
  5. I sent an email yesterday! I really want to volunteer for MFR! Anyone know any other way to apply to volunteer? I am willing to make a drive from orlando.
  6. i got a meet and greet too!!! Im excitedddddddd!!!! Woo hoooo!!!!!!
  7. Yeah they said they're shipping on that date, not any earlier. I don't think it's right though, I think we should be able to have our tickets in hand earlier! Now I have to have them shipped to my hotel :/ oh well aslong as i get them!
  8. I'd be down to sign the flag too, for Sunrise and Tampa!!
  9. CANT Wait! I already made plans to stay in Miami with one of my homies for 3 nights! Gonna be legit!! Hope to see some LPLivers over there!
  10. vr23

    Mike @ LPU Chat

    I think it would be epic of LP made a NEW DIVIDE 2.0 with extended Thunder and lightning before the beginning of New Divide
  11. sure. Im down for a grey shirt, size Medium. I can pay with paypal quick!
  12. Because it's hands down the best sexiest evverrrrr??
  13. Im 100% sure PIT is the Same as GA. Its gonna be epic!!!!! FIRST SHOW OF the North American AREna tour!!!!
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