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  1. Will LP ever play Robot Boy? If I'm not mistaken, no LP album song has even taken 2 years to play live.
  2. Southpaw

    LPU 11 Launched!

    Slightly different,high quality. I was hoping for lyrics for Bang Three.
  3. Southpaw

    LPU 11 Launched!

    I'd like to get the package by itself. Esaul and In The End demo we already have.
  4. No One Step Closer? Is that a first, for a full set show?
  5. Are they ever gonna play Robot Boy? I am surprised this is the last song on the album to be played. I was thinking Blackout would have been, but they proved wrong. As for it being boring, I see the point. In Between was nice because it's all Mike singing. Slow, but not Chester.
  6. Mike needs to get off the keyboard. Need more rapping and him playing guitar.
  7. They should drop The Radiance. I am surprised New Divide has been played for as long as it has.
  8. Where do I go to access the message boards? I'm totally confused, and just spent $10 for nothing.
  9. I just bought a month of LPUX. Where the heck do I log in?
  10. God I hope not. If anything, play all of Hybrid Theory for it turning 10 years on October. LP releases a new album in plays it overseas first.... HUH....
  11. I am very surprised to hear Mike sing and not rap. I wish LP did some tracks where both Mike and Chester sing. Mike has a beautiful singing voice.
  12. Enough of the Jullien-K crap. They may be part of Chester's projekt, but they are not LP.
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