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  1. I went to the listening party in NYC last week. We only heard the album once, but from what I remember I was a very good and loud album. Keys was the only song we requested to hear again. The ending was funny.
  2. Thank you!!! I said the same thing to myself but I couldn't think of the name of the band. Just the song from Call of Duty zombies lol
  3. That's awesome. Lucky you. I was looking for tickets in Holmdel but everything was section 300 or high. Cant do that. I need to be close to the stage
  4. Yes I found. Thank you. I don't check my lpu account offend. I missed out on the good tickets. I'll wait until Friday to try my luck.
  5. Where do I get the presale code? I'm in lpu but didn't get any email.
  6. DAMN. I missed so much. Don't like the remaining seats for Holmdel. Might wait for general public
  7. Does it come out for android?
  8. I have a ticket to the show. Cant remember if I got the $60 one or not...
  9. Sounds good. Cant wait until Monday
  10. If I have to chose...Meteora. I don't believe they'll do a HT again. But I need to here the first single or at least a sample of it. I just cant wait for the album
  11. I hope it does come out during the summer. If not, no biggie
  12. For some reason the file does not open for me : (
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