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  1. Loving the album, picked up an additional physical copy, since my Artbook edition is still on it's way. My favourites are Crossing a Line, Running from my Shadow, Lift Off, IOU and Over Again currently.
  2. Which is great I think they helped her enough to hear that Mike and Brad were involved but also that she still could put her own stamp on it I actually didn't meant it in a nasty way lol. I actually listen to a lot of pop music and sometimes acts appear on soundtracks and deliver some pretty great tracks (if it is your cup of tea) and I think this track could have been easily be part of a movie.
  3. No offense but it sounds like something that wouldn't sound out of place of a soundtrack of a family movie.
  4. 5 or 6 tracks is not too many in this current environment, especially not on streaming. Having plenty of songs out before the album is out might make the SPS especially for the first week peak look good. I actually don't care for this chart stuff, but it can come in convenient for Mike.
  5. I ordered the pin, I already have a t-shirt with that picture in color
  6. Sounds awesome. Very cool for mike to involve fans. I love Mike's EP, still daily on repeat, and more music is more than welcome
  7. I would love it to be true, would def. get it.
  8. Ah it's great we get to hear this. I didn't mind the features. But this was basically the verse we heard live, so it's great to have a studio version of it.
  9. Amazing songs, still trying to digest everything, since I was omw home on public transport when it dropped, purchased it with swiftness on iTunes and had no time to dive into the lyrical content yet
  10. great reviews. The CD basically feels like a full circle moment of a very weird rollercoaster of a year. I met Chester and Mike during the Up & Close back in March, saw them during the Amsterdam show back in June. I have listened it with a smile, while crying my eyes out. An amazing way to honor Chester.I also agree that I have not taken things for granted anymore, I noticed i lived too much on auto-pilot and forgot to enjoy things and take care of myself.
  11. This is awesome, it's like I am back, feels very unreal to hear audio of show where you have been after all that happened. But damn I am so grateful they shared this live audio and this live edit videos take it to a whole new level.
  12. Jesper

    LPU 17 Is Here!

    My membership lasts till June next year, so no need to renew it now already. And the shipping and bonus items are not worth it at this moment for me, though it is cool they offer some things. But I am glad LPU continues.
  13. Just pre-ordered my copy, very happy about this. Curious to see where everything is recorded. Also I really don't see this release as a joke. One of the things Chester got honoured for beside being an amazing human being was his voice. What better way to honour him than a live CD? Just focusing purely on the music and his vocals. After the Hollywood Bowl show, I think this is a great next step. How weird as it sounds, but I think this is part of the grieving process. We have cried, we have celebrated life, now it's time to put focus on an other part to remember him.
  14. I think Mike did such a great job and surprised a lot of people. I think they can easily continue as 5-piece and maybe add some musicians for touring like Casey27 suggested like Jon Greene.
  15. A real emotional rollercoaster, but so grateful they organised this. Cried my eyes out watching the stream
  16. I have been thinking a lot about posthumous releases, even though it feels weird since the rest of the band is still alive. and since verything is so uncertain. I caught myself becoming rather obsessed with listening to everything that has Chester's vocals and it comforts me, even the more rawer LPU demo songs that I wasn't fond of have been on massive repeat. I even find it odd to type it out, but this is really an end of an era, and I like the ideas people put up. A LPU CD dedicated to him would be cool, I am not even a big fan of Greatest Hits or Singles Collections, but I wouldn't mind one to happen at one point. I know we have all the stuff already, but it would be nice to have a compilation where we have everything from One Step Closer to Breaking The Habit to Given Up to New Divide to currently Talking To Myself on one release.
  17. M2M is the only LP album I don't have on vinyl, so I am def. getting this.
  18. Chester left such a legacy, that even if they get a new singer with a similair vocal range, it will be hard to get fans even satisfied. I am not saying people wouldn't give that person a chance, but it will be a big void to fill. And would that person be up for it. New material will always be a backburner thing in favor of the classics for the crowds at concerts. It will be an interesting task to accomplish, and it will be interesting to see how long they would be able to hold on that way. I feel with a new singer involved, even if the band and we as fans give that person the warmest welcome, I know LP has proved that their sound has no limits, and that they just do whatever they like and they are not afraid to change their creative process, but on the other side, I can imagine that entering such a solid group of people, who pretty much will grieving in different ways, even if some time has passed, could be hard for someone who understands the legacy, but is pretty much a bystander in it all. There is literally no good answer to give on what we want, what we need or what we could see in the future, since I feel it will be something that the band also has to figure out, even if they already made a descision, since you only know if something like that works, when you do it. I will support their descision, even if they call it a day. But currently I can't imagine anyone else than Chester singing In The End, Burn It Down or The Catalyst on stage with the band
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