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  1. I found Forgotten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YONCaYmWalg
  2. Remember the Name? Well, that was a true surprise!
  3. It's certainly ambitious of them to play CoG live this way!
  4. Interesting. So there's now THREE versions of this song floating around that we know of...
  5. It's definitely strange, but it has certainly been known to happen. Labels have different "final mixes" floating around and perhaps sometimes the one that serves as the album version was a mistake; perhaps the band didn't like the version of SOTD in MTM? There's an alternate version of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" with a different guitar solo (but everything else identical) for example... In the LP world, there are alternate masters (which also include the mix, of course) but I'm not sure of their varying states of release: i.e. Somewhere I Belong with additional synth during chorus
  6. I completely agree, there is definitely more limiting on all of these "deluxe" albums; part of the reason that Across The Line / No Roads Left / Blackbirds sound better, because they had virtually none before. I bought all the albums on HDTracks last year, and they sound identical to these masters. CD is so much better. Minutes to Midnight is filled with many subtle differences, but primarily the ones everyone else has noticed. A Thousand Suns... No difference. EDIT: HOLY S**T... This so-called "new" version of Shadow of the Day is the same as the HDTracks master from LAST YEAR
  7. Hybrid Theory differences - Papercut - No difference - One Step Closer - No difference. Intro guitar looped? It was before, but more obvious now - With You - No difference - Points of Authority - Synth during chorus more prominent, VERY minor difference - Crawling - "ping pong" percussion in bridges quieter, with less reverb - Runaway - No difference - By Myself - Synth during chorus is more prominent, but again very minor difference - In The End - More limiting. Effects on Mike's vocals sound "worse" - A Place For My Head - No difference -
  8. I've been doing a thorough comparison and there are indeed a lot of differences, mainly in Minutes to Midnight, but also Meteora. Haven't noticed any changes in Hybrid Theory yet, though I've heard about 4-6 different mixes of that album already. It all sounds the same now
  9. I noticed a different in "Breaking The Habit" In the original mix / master, a very audible "high pitched" noise could be heard on every bar. In this version, it is lowered a LOT, to the point where I can no longer hear it without listening on high quality headphones. Interesting... EDIT: The "Space Invader" samples in Lying From You have also been lowered very slightly.
  10. And here's a Mediafire Mirror... Also ripped from iPlayer. http://www.mediafire.com/?3rc8at94g2dfvid
  11. Wow, they're airing some seriously good stuff!
  12. Any chance of the 300dpi TIFF Artwork?