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  1. how was it synced. it didnt have smpte tho. also can pro tools still read smpte and put it togethor. for me i just go thru the hard process of matching evrything with the click track
  2. well another version of osc with 33 tracks came out
  3. for real. i looked thru all the tracks i coouldnt find it maybe i didnt listen to them all. edit: ur right lol, i have no clue what i was looking at earlier. tho i wonder why theirs vocals put hard on one side only
  4. the osc closer multi is well odd. and it not finished. many samples such as the photo one are missing. these could be only a part of it
  5. wow im just waiting for more HT multitracks. the ones everyone seem to want are with you, place for my head, in the end this is pretty crazy
  6. yes but have they been leaked?
  7. I want to hear Linkin Park bsides. Mainly the other 2 finished songs for Meteora and any other unheard Hybrid theory demos. When does LPU come out anyway. Im yet to get a membership. Im trying to join with a pack when the new one drops
  8. i thought u didnt like mtm lmao
  9. dbs is basically minutes to midnight part 2. i just want to hear the remaining 3 meteora finished songs. hopefully its on lpu or even better shoved onto meteora 20th anniversery or sumptin but thats far
  10. I think they will for 18. Idk. Im not an LPU member. TBH I only became a big huge fan after Chesters death. I mean they were my favorite band for a few years prior but all I owned was Meteora and a few random songs I bought on iTunes. I just know their basic stuff. After his death I joined sites like this n stuff and I was going to join lpu but I didnt want a pink t shirt packages and a fidget spinner lol. So I was waiting for next cd pack
  11. Hypothetically no one gives a flying pelicans shit about whos selling multitracks. I just want them for free
  12. i drift off to the other albums all the time when the slower songs hit but HT and Meteora is something else entirely hahaha
  13. geki i get what ur saying but its prolly just cuz u listened to it way too much. agreed as MTM is my least favorite but lol, meteora use to be my favoirte but it got stale, i high key can fall asleep to HT and Meterora ive listened to em that much (IM not LYING, its happend around 20 times now when i listen to music at night with the lights turned off, one time even i accidently turned repeat on the music app and i had put the Hybrid Theory 6 track on their and was listening and I woke up the next day with one earphone in blasting the intro guittar of Dust Brother lmfao.)
  14. We know what it is Astat lol. But since this has been around for a while but no where to be found I figured might aswell make it again.😂 we also wrote the full track was never in circulation
  15. whoever the internet dj here sucks, he didnt even add cool ass scratches lol. just some dumb samples
  16. Xero Hunting Team presents the 8 second demo clip of a By Myself demo previously known with the fan given name "Much-Too-Easy". It was circulating a while back however over the years became lost and is no where to be found online. This demo was playing in Mike's headphones during final recording vocal takes of By Myself out of the bands debut album Hybrid Theory. In the demo a pre-finalized lyric can be heard sung by Chester . The full track doesn't exist online and most likely wont be found. Here is an audio file with the outcome: (Much-Too-Easy-AmbienTXeroHuntingTeam.wav)
  17. Problem with MTM when I listened is it got boring it couldnt keep my attention so ye its kinda a weak album but I think its OK. Blackbirds is a killer track tho so is across the lien aswell as valentines day
  18. i would like to know the source and how he got his hands on it lo maybe it was part of an upcoming LPU cd
  19. so even if it was once availabe for free. it cannot be shared. ok
  20. I have a question. Regarding material that can be shared here. Would the music videos and MP3 that were free to download on Linkinpark.com be allowed to be shared. These were available for free, but they are considered official material. But if they were free once, would the versions on the website be allowed to be shared. For example you can get the One Step Closer MV for free in RAM format on LinkinPark.com during 2000-2003