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  1. My wishlist LPU 18 1-Pictureboard 2-BG Cues(NBA inside stuff) 3-Technique(long version) 4-Some Meteora demo 5-21 stitches 6-Some HT demo 7-Some OML demo 8-Machine Shop mixtape song 9-Sick (Don't stay demo) 10-Whatever the fuck 11-Numb demo 12-Be yourself
  2. How can I help with this hunt? maybe we'll discover some amazing things along the way.
  3. now I'm interested how do I become part of the team? I follow you on Twitter and explain to me what to do.
  4. If I could I would go on that hunt but my English is horrible.
  5. My Wishlist for LPU 17 1-Pictureboard 2-Rhinestone(the crow version) 3-Thoughts That Take Away My Pride 4-Xero Reborn 5-Wretches And Kings(demo) 6-Fire In The City(first version of Given Up) 7-Chicken Basket(2009 Demo) 8-NBA inside stuff-BG Cues 9-B-Side of OML 10-Lying From You(demo)
  6. Could it be that the other places that Xero played also recorded the shows?
  7. Hey guys I'm new here on Lplive and I want to ask a question.The Rhinestone version in the crow has a very good quality.Do you think the band at the time was recording some mixtape, EP or something?
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