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  1. Oh god that 2017 interview where Mike and Chester were joking about the title OML being referred to the fact that it was the last album ...😰it got me
  2. I think the live intro is the best thing concerning the song. When I want to listen to NMS I put on the live version like 90% of the time lol. but totally respect your opinion 😊
  3. Drawbar is a cool instrumental the band could have done without Tom Morello, I like it but hyping up Tom’s presence for a cool soft instrumental was so weird and disappointing
  4. Best LP related news of 2021 (not counting Grey Daze as LP related). Mike working with someone who helped writing one of the best songs of their career is great news
  5. Absolutely. It’s like when I was recently blasting “14 shades of grey” by Staind with a smile on my face 😂😂
  6. Don't remember which show was but I remember the "general concept" and that's great yeah. LP never wrote negative lyrics just for the sake of it, with messages encouraging suicide or stuff like that, even some of the darkest sings like GU, ETR or BTH have some idea of positivity and try to share uplifting messages. I mean, GU is very dark but it's an outlet of "I can't take this situation anymore" but Chester is clearly venting that shit out in order to feel a bit of relief
  7. Woooow. Didn’t know about some of them. Great job guys, it was a really nice post
  8. Adema released yesterday their first single with Ryan Shuck (Orgy, Julien-K, Dead By Sunrise) on vocals. The song 'Ready To Die' is taken from their first full-length studio album since 2007's Kill The Headlights titled 360 Degrees Of Separation. The album was produced by Ryan's longtime bandmate and business partner Amir Derakh and will be out on their newly formed label Frame|Work. While there's no date set for the album yet, more details should be announced soon as they approach their upcoming Ready To Die Tour with Flow this September. Here is what Ryan Shuck said about the song: "I was at a point where I was absolutely ready to die. My system for living was not working anymore. I was crushed by the grief of losing one of my closest friends (Chester Bennington) to the same demons. I had been suicidal and severely depressed for years, and had no way out. I was in a living hell. The song is in some ways me dealing with myself in the mirror, but I very much think the concept also applies to anyone that is finally ready to break free from their demons, toxic relationships, or situations. There comes a point where you will go to any length to get better." The music video for the song was co-directed by The Anix and Oscar Gutierrez on July 5th at Electric Pony Studios. Check it out below. Source: LoudWire
  9. Yeah I imagined. I don’t think she would reply
  10. Don’t think she’ll answer. Don’t want to bother her TBH
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