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  1. I like the instrumental and the kinda grungy chorus, Mike's rapping good but not a massive fan of the whispered verses. not knocking Mark but he is so far off Chester imo, looking forward to hearing his version which will probably sound a lot better to me. Pictureboard has similar traits to the Xero demo tape tracks, all of which I like, the raw/slightly rough sounding mix, Joe's scratching/samples, Mike's early rap style and Mark's distinctive vocal. Lacks the punch of RME though and the hooks/harmonies don't quite do enough to carry it without the heavier edge/change of pace. Solid effort for the time, but can see why it would be nowhere near making the cut for HT tbh .
  2. 50k is pretty steep with no way of verifying how legit they are. Not the best thing to say if you want someone to provide personal details.
  3. This is awesome. Many thanks for this, so much stuff I didn't know about the background to these songs.
  4. I wonder why it was never played?
  5. It is pop in many parts, but it is not 'Bubblegum Pop.' Do you even know what Bubblegum Pop is? Cos this ain't it. I sort of agree on THP, it could have been so much better imo. What frustrated me the most about both the LT and THP eras was how many of the tracks were never played live. For me to get a real feel about a song I really like to see how it translates to a live setting. Especially as both albums were both written to be played live. Really wanted to see I'll Be Gone, Until It Breaks (in full), Powerless, Keys To The Kingdom, All for Nothing, and Mark The Graves performed live at least a couple of times. Roads Untraveled too, although I enjoy the recent performances of it I would have loved to have heard it with Chester.
  6. YES! Epic, always been the best live version of that song in any form imo.
  7. Bubblegum pop? Lol. LP were never anything close to that.
  8. I respect the guys in LP highly, as I'm sure most other LP fans do. They have integrity. If they had thought Rick Rubin sucked, they wouldn't have worked with him again. Instead they worked with him for 2 more albums? Sometimes different artists work better with different producers. Just cos Corey Taylor didn't click with Rubin doesn't mean no one can.
  9. I agree MTM is awesome, great production, generally much better lyrics and an overall much more mature and varied sound. It still has some of that aggresssive edge though, Some of LP's best work, imo. And the live shows were amazing at that point, was fortunate enough to be at the PR MK show in 08, one of the best I've ever been to. Loved the build up to it's release, loved it when it was first released, really dug the mv's and the touring cycle was epic. I will never change my mind on that era, it was fantastic. I say this as someone who was a big fan of the HT and Meteora era too.
  10. Chris, like Chester, had his demons and you cannot blame him for that, it's a terrible illness that is sometimes too much to handle. It would be the same as blaming Chester for anyone doing the same after his death and helps no one.
  11. All of this is fucking depressing, taken me a long while to start accepting it. First and foremost no one can replace Chester, he was an icon, an amazing vocalist and a fantastic person. But the rest of the band are also great guys who deserve to continue their career in time, I'm sure that's what Chester would want. I wouldn't want to see a hologram used, nor do I think a replacement could do most of the old songs justice, at least not in an emotional sense. So I can only really see the band continuing to play old Mike centric songs along with a bunch of new ones, which could either be with a new lead vocalist or a selection of guests. In terms of old material they could still potentially play, there are the obvious earlier rapped ones like Step Up, High Voltage and It's Going Down, plus a few later ones that feature Mike on lead such as In Between, Hands Held High, No Roads Left, Roads Untraveled, Skin To Bone, Until It Breaks, Rebellion (with an altered bridge) Invisible and Sorry For Now. Maybe a few Fort Minor songs as well. That could fill more then half a set. You also have a couple of old favorites that could work especially with crowd participation, Papercut being one that springs to mind and In the End, where the crowd tends to sing Chester's parts very loudly and could be a nice nostalgic tribute to keep in the set.
  12. Kiiara pretty much confirmed as featuring on Heavy then.
  13. HI newbie here, long time fan, sometime lurker lol. Just wanted to jump on the hype train and say I like what I'm hearing so far, can't wait to get the track next Friday.Also really like the way the band is buiding this up showing us the process they've been going through creating Heavy, plus cool to see their new studio. Don't know why but a new LP release always feels that extra bit more special to me then any other band/artist I'm into, even after all these years. Always gets me hyped, no matter what.
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