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  1. We'll miss you, Chester. Rest in Peace.
  2. Snapchat is so 2016... Just kiddin', see you there.
  3. Hope they play Sorry for now sometime in the Tour, it's a dope track!!!
  4. Wow, just saw a couple of videos! That Remember The name intro over WFTE is awesome as fck!!!
  5. Fuck! I,m still in shock... Rest in peace. True Rock Legend and lovely man.
  6. Sorry for now it's my fav!!
  7. Nice! My fav is No Roads Left, I think you could add it in the track by track since the song counts totally in The √°lbum and it's more than a "BIO bridge".
  8. The "judge" looks like Kareem Abdul Jabbar!
  9. Totally hate this song, even when I'm ok with the genre. Chester's vocals didn't fit with those new songs, sounds a little fake. I got this feeling that Linkin Park is TRYING TOO HARD! Kiiara, on Heavy, sounds super natural instead of Chester and his akward fisrt verse!!!
  10. Chester said a couple of days ago that "Sorry for now" and "Invisible" contains only Mike's vocals. Early this day, we saw brad with some kind of tablature with the title "Invisible". Now, we can see Mike in the last pic, with the mic over his mouth and in front of everybody. Makes sense to me to be optimistic!
  11. Expect the unexpected: Ready for "Disney Commercial Music"! How ironic is that?
  12. ...it officialy begins, and still haven't seen much positive hype from the fans! I mean, I've read a lot of frustrating comments even when there is a one minute teaser. Mark, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the laziest and weirdest start of cycle (around 23 post for something that, in other cycles, would have broken the internet!). I guess the fans are tired of the fucking "teasing a teaser of the teaser".
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