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  1. it's probably is Petrified lyrics and I have Petrified acapella
  2. Before: Essul > https://imgur.com/hghSKes Now: Esaul > https://imgur.com/QC3U6HK
  3. For ex-fan: if someone stops being a fan of Linkin Park and wants to get rid of their collection, you can send me your collection of CDs and DVDs 😜
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=63&v=fWjancYd-zs
  5. "get it cracking Back in Black until you have em Thunderstruck" AC DC reference
  6. My remix https://soundcloud.com/lhcluiz/mike-shinoda-place-to-start-lhcluiz-remix
  7. I believe the band will continue, with the same name and probably only the 5 members To change a name in which Chester was chosen would be an offense, to keep the name, to keep and honor Chester's legacy, the united band is a legacy of his work, to disunity is to throw away everything they have built, of course it will not be the same thing , It's not about being equal to before, but it's about being strong and moving forward Death should not triumph over the legacy
  8. Amazing Best night of my life
  9. "Holding on. Why is everything so heavy. Holding On. There's so much we can carry"
  10. The Billboard Live website broadcast shows in the past A source confirmed to me that there is even this recording
  11. about Xero live recording, I know there is recording the show at Billboard Live (march 19, 1998)