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  1. Violent Lullaby - The Catalyst The Cure - Pushing Me Away, not sure if this is correct
  2. This is great... and was in the same day that my 5 year's birthday, when I even listen to "music" yet...
  3. 1) Carousel 2:7 Papercut 2) And One 3:6 Castle of Glass 3) Blackout 4:5 With You 4) A Place For My Head 9:0 QWERTY
  4. Now we have two draws... This won't end anymore
  5. 1) QWERTY 0:4 The Catalyst 2) Castle of Glass 3:1 Iridescent 3) One Step Closer 1:3 Blackout 4) With You 0:4 No Roads Left 5) Carousel 2:2 Waiting For The End 6) When They Come For Me 1:3 Papercut 7) New Divide 0:4 And One 8) Leave Out All The Rest 0:4 A Place For My Head
  6. Mike says in a Fuse interview in a couple of months that LP made a handful of songs that are "really" heavy and QWERTY is one of them, so isn't really unique, we just don't know the other songs ... But I want to know/hear these songs
  7. 1) Waiting For The End 3:1 Points of Authority 2) A Place For My Head 4:0 Numb 3) Iridescent 2:2 Figure.09 4) Valentine's Day 0:4 Papercut 5) Blackout 3:1 Shadow of the Day 6) Carousel 2:2 In The End 7) Step Up 1:3 New Divide 8) Castle of Glass 2:2 No More Sorrow 9) Wretches and Kings 2:2 QWERTY 10) And One 3:1 What I've Done 11) With You 3:1 From The Inside 12) Lost in the Echo 1:3 No Roads Left 13) The Catalyst 4:0 Until It Breaks 14) One Step Closer 4:0 Robot Boy 15) Pushing Me Away 1:3 Leave Out All The Rest 16) When They Come For Me 2:2 In Pieces
  8. -Put "High Voltage" as #12 track in Hybrid Theory, with Pushing Me Away as #13 -My December Team Sleep as a Reanimation B-Side (too dark? F*ck it XD) -Put 2 b-sides in Meteora (Shifter, Nocturnal maybe?) -Transform "Minutes to Midnight" in a double album, with the first part be the heavy album that Chester said in 2006 and the second part be the actual MtM. -Put Across the Line and No Roads Left in MtM and maybe put "In Between" as b-side. -Let some original names in ATS Tracks (Violent Lullaby, Meadowlands...) -Put Jornada del Muerto as a full track and maybe add another full track on ATS. -Made a better making of for Living Things XD -VICTIMIZED Long Version, with soft --> heavy transition, like seens in "Inside Living Things", with piano, gang vocals and different lyrics. I had to think more, but this is for while XD
  9. Me too And with a long version on it, with "Inside Living Things" lyrics in intro, with piano and gang vocals and then... bang, VICTIMIZED. (soft to heavy version) Dreamer mode OFF XD
  10. 1) When They Come For Me 3:5 The Little Things Give You Away 2) Victimized 3:5 Numb 3) From The Inside 6:2 Runaway 4) One Step Closer 4:4 High Voltage 5) And One 3:5 Breaking The Habit 6) Wretches And Kings 5:3 Don't Stay 7) Pushing Me Away 6:2 I'll Be Gone 8) Waiting For The End 6:2 Nobody's Listening 9) Shadow of the Day 4:4 Hit The Floor 10) Lies Greed Misery 3:5 Step Up 11) Castle of Glass 7:1 Given Up 12) Valentine's Day 7:1 Easier To Run 13) Burn It Down 0:8 Carousel 14) Wake 0:8 Figure.09 15) No Roads Left 6:2 Skin To Bone 16) The Catalyst 6:2 Powerless 17) A Place For My Head 5:3 Hands Held High 18) What I've Done 5:3 Forgotten 19) Part of Me 4:4 Blackout 20) No More Sorrow 7:1 Session 21) Qwerty 6:2 Burning In The Skies 22) In Pieces 4:3 Somewhere I Belong 23) Points of Authority 5:3 Bleed It Out 24) Roads Untraveled 4:4 New Divide 25) In Between 2:6 Iridescent 26) In The End 5:3 Lying From You 27) Until It Breaks 4:4 By Myself 28) With You 4:4 In My Remains 29) Leave Out All The Rest 6:2 The Messenger 30) Lost In The Echo 7:1 Crawling 31) Robot Boy 8:0 Cure For The Itch 32) Papercut 5:3 Faint
  11. I can be very wrong, but sounds like a alternate version from "So Far Away" for me (seems like the first verses part, I don't know)...
  12. Mike's Valiant Effort: The "Unknown" Song is Lockjaw. Exclusive LPU ''8-Bit Rebellion!'' Testing Event 01:28 - 01:39 - For me, still is "No More Sorrow (8-Bit Version)"
  13. Special Show 10-Year Meteora, Hybrid Theory and rest from Living Things Tour (Sunset??): (won't happen , but...): Setlist A 01. Session (Original Version, Transition into With You) 02. With You (Scratch Intro/Outro) 03. And One (Interlude Rap Outro transition to POA) 04. Points of Authority 04. The Catalyst 05. Carousel (Extended Bridge) 06. Numb (Guitar Intro) 07. Breaking the Habit (Piano Intro; Acapella Outro) 08. Crawling/Easier to Run (2013 Medley) 09. High Voltage (2000 Reprise) 10. Waiting for the End (Wall of Noise Outro) 11. Castle Of Glass 12. Roads Untraveled 13. Ballad Medley (LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent) 14. What I've Done (AMBO Intro) 15. Burn It Down 16. Given Up (2013 Drums Intro) 17. Figure.09 (Blood, Anger, Suffering Outro) 18. From the Inside (Extended Intro) 19. Faint (Extended Intro; Extended Outro) 20. Papercut 21. In the End (Ambient Intro; Untitled Bridge) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22. Technique (HTEP Version) 23. A Place for My Head (Extended Brigde; Extended 2012 Outro) 24. One Step Closer (Reanimetion Bridge, Extended Outro) 25. Bleed It Out (Extended Intro; Reading My Eyes Bridge; Slow --> Fast Outro) 26 (?). Mike: "OK, thank you so much to support us tonight. This show is very special to us. A fifteen years ago, we can't imagine that Xero or Hybrid Theory could became this. So, this will be special for you too, specially because now we will reedited a song that we not play a almost thirteen years ago..." (Brad start to play Pictureboard without the ramdom samples) - Resume: "I can dream..." (also, some songs like SIB, New Divide and LITE are dropped, but is a custom setlist (w/ a number much larger of songs that they play, so, whatever...)
  14. Stick and Move Blue Sad Interlude from And One (could this be a full song?) So many questions, no answers ...
  15. You can hear it in 5:20 minutes from Meeting A Thousand Suns Also, in the previuos post, I forgot Pictureboard (don't know why XD) but, I forgot from another "interesting" song. I think that is called "Amnosick" or something like that. I don't know, this song is mentioned in MtM and ATS and never see the light of day, seems like Debris (that we had in previous LPU12). Well, we will see. Yeah, sorry about that . But, at least, I'm happy with this, beacuse show that LP had a lot of material for future LPU releases.
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