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    Sports: volleyball, basket, football
    Music: Fort Minor, Styles Of Beyond, Gorillaz, Hightwish, Limp Bizkit, The Bloodhound Gang & Timbaland... (I like all kinds of music :D)

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  1. Ardalan Salam will make Fort Minor site, probably on Cleo Template This guy cooperates with LP. For instance: http://ardisalam.com/lp/
  2. I'm really impressed because of mr. Hahn solo! That was sick! Wroclaw show was pretty amazing! I finished in Golden Circle 4th line ;p
  3. I use my artwork in LP contest. Check and vote if you like it. VOTE! Thanks! Every single vote is important for me
  4. ...and now I don't know: Did I make awesome CD cover? My artwork is so popular, but I'm just amatour graphic artist
  5. Good work LPLive. One more time. Great, really!!!
  6. There's no my face included. I'm waiting for more. haha Anyway, It was amazing show with great international audience.
  7. This album is weird. This is my opinion...
  8. Before show there was TINFOIL in speakers... but only as background. I was a little bit worried, but I knew that LP starts play when all lights are off... and then... APFMH Intro started out <3
  9. My second show ever, first in Poland... Unforgettable event... Had a lot of fun there... Did you see Phoenix's and Brad's polish football team t-shirts? AMAZING!
  10. After show in Lisbon I'm so excited! Waiting for OWF 2012!
  11. I'm little confused right now, but when if I get all track/album I'll love it.
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