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  1. I can see how the PR:02 editing can bug completists and all that, but having great quality copies of these amazing songs/performances is blowing my mind as I watch the show again today. I can’t believe they’ve had this in the vaults for so long! Makes me excited for the Meteora anniversary, in hopes we get a full LPU tour show, with tracks like “Hit the Floor” and “Easier to Run” in great quality. Or a show from the Meteora world tour? The PR show was what I wanted most from the HT20 release and they didn’t let me down. Thankful to be an LP fan, and here talking about their music like I did back when LPU and this site launched so many years ago!
  2. Fingers still crossed that the DVD's are somehow available for purchase outside of the box set. They're the only thing I want, but I can't drop $200
  3. Super encouraging to see that people have not forgotten (no pun intended) about the "Hybrid Theory" set from Download. I think I have listened to that set more than anything else LP have ever released, in 20 years as a fan. Fingers crossed the full video is released!
  4. Me! But as Astat said on the LPlive Instagram review of the box set, including Docklands on this might mean we don't get one of the unreleased shows. At least we have the full Docklands show that LPlive released, even if it's not perfect quality. Maybe LP will put it out for the 25th anniversary
  5. They should have swapped out "Reanimation" for the Download Festival "Hybrid Theory" set. Makes no sense to me why they wouldn't include that in the box, unless they felt the DVD's satisfied the "live material" quota
  6. As of now, yes, but I'd be surprised if the DVD's are not available one way or another, whether it's for sale individually on Digital Platforms (itunes), or simply uploaded to YouTube like the DVD's for the International/Tour Editions of past releases (A Thousand Sunds+, Living Things+).
  7. Yeah, iTunes lists 80 tracks as part of the $49.99 deluxe edition. Looks like they have everything that the box set has, except the DVD content.
  8. So unless I missed something, the only thing truly exclusive to the box set is the 2 DVD's, with the unreleased concerts + Frat Party 2, right? Seems like everything else will be available on Spotify and other streaming services.
  9. I only want the DVD's. Hoping they do what A Perfect Circle did with their box set release, and make the DVD content available on iTunes as an individual purchase.
  10. What's on the DVDs? $200 is a major investment for someone who doesn't care about vinyl, but if the shows on the DVDs are worthwhile...
  11. Still holding out hope for the pro-shot video of the Download Festival full-album performance. Or a vinyl with that on it. Even make it one of the discs, along with the BBC full album show from '01 or whenever? I'm so beyond excited for this, and hope LP give the rest of their albums the same anniversary treatment when they turn 20
  12. It would be cool if they are planning a few different versions of this release, one of which contains an actual cassette tape of Chester’s audition tracks or something similar. I’m also curious if there will be a “single” released, in the form of an unreleased track/demo. I know when bands like STP put out Anniversary editions, they released a couple songs in advance. Not necessarily for radio play or to blow up the Billboard charts, but still felt like the modern way of putting out the first track from an upcoming album.
  13. Are we finally getting "Live at Docklands" released? Not that the LPlive version isn't great, but I wouldn't mind a BluRay
  14. Assuming it won't be slanderous against LP, I can't wait for this!
  15. While the negativity surrounding OML sucks, and could easily be taken personally, I'm at least thankful Chester (and the band) got to do a little bit of touring in 2017. It's great to see the crowd embrace the new songs, jumping up and down for "Talking To Myself", or singing parts of "Heavy" and "Good Goodbye". That hopefully gave LP some assurance that despite what critics or the minority of internet trolls said, the fans paying money for tickets and traveling to shows enjoyed OML for what it was.
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