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  1. I'm curious about what percentage of LP's live shows were recorded, knowing that so much of their performances are allegedly taped by the band. Between those archives and the likely hundreds of hard drives of studio demos, I can't even imagine how much we haven't heard over the years. Hopefully everyone will find a way for us to hear things. It would be a cool incentive to release an old show yearly (is monthly too greedy?) through the LPU if the plan is to keep that going in the future. Even if it's just streaming, like the LPU CD's, it's better than nothing!
  2. I'd like a vinyl release of this show, please Honestly I think I've listened to this at least 500 times since it came out. The HT Download set was/is my gym soundtrack and I still listen to it at least once a week. The mixing and performances are amazing, even if it's "heavily edited" as the LPL notes imply. I'm still stumped as to why LP gave this set such little attention, only releasing it as the pre-order bonus for THP.
  3. LP Live does it AGAIN! Thank you guys so much!
  4. Is it just me or do these recordings of "In the End"/"Numb" sound way better than what was released on the LPU CD? Maybe I'm just getting confused at my old age, or did a poor quality rip forever ago when the CD came out?
  5. The LPU 4 video has at least two shows, and I'm pretty sure the footage of Chester in a short-sleeve white shirt is from Worcester, MA, on 3/11/03. I was at that show If LP did in fact record the entire LPU tour, or even a couple shows, my fingers are crossed we'll eventually get "Hit the Floor" in better quality than what's out there too!
  6. Thanks so much for sharing this! It's amazing! I forgot how incredible the transition from "Figure.09" to "From the Inside" is. Damn! Fingers are still crossed that LP will release more DSP's someday, even if it's in the form of a compilation or especially a box set.
  7. Just got my floor ticket for the Boston show! Still in a state of shock that this is even happening. The thought of being in the same building with Mike, and LP fans, singing songs like "In The End" is heavy. Also strange to dig a little deeper and realize that the last time Mike did a solo show in Boston, it was in the same place, though it was a night club before turning into the current "House of Blues." To get even weirder, Chester's last live performance in New England was at the House of Blues, with Kings of Chaos in December 2016. To think that the last song Chester sang in this building was "Whole Lotta Love" is fitting, too. It'll be nothing but love for Mike and the LP family November 14.
  8. I'm hoping that we eventually get a deluxe edition, at the very least, with more tracks. Best case scenario, LP just release every show from the OML tour. They can take my money, and it'll be money well spent. The OML tour felt different, though I don't know if that's because I'm remembering it after we lost Chester, through watching clips on YouTube and thinking, "He's giving himself to the fans." Those performances in the crowd get me every time. I miss him but I'm glad we have the music and those videos, and hope there is much more to come in the years ahead, celebrating Chester.
  9. This is awesome news! Sublime and Linkin Park are my favorite bands, and it's been tough as a fan of the former, knowing there is potentially a ton of unreleased Bradley Nowell material that hoarders and record labels keep vaulted. Some will whine that anything LP or others release with Chester attached is exploiting his memory, but to me it's a celebration of his once-in-a-lifetime talent. On a side note, is there a way to hear the Julian-K Time Capsule songs mentioned in the article?
  10. I think that we are over analyzing things. Easy to do when you care as much as we all do here. When LP release something, we listen, hard. I felt the same way as GEKI for the first couple of months that I owned this album. Until my 9 year old found my "One More Light" playlist on Spotify, and started singing "Sharp Edges", "Halfway Right", and "Invincible" all day, every day. With that, my opinion of the album did a 180, and it became my favorite Linkin Park release. At around the same time I remember watching interviews with Chester, where he talked about people coming up to him, asking how he wrote lyrics that described what they are going through, word for word. Like it was magic. And Chester felt the same way when he worked with the many collaborators on this album, connecting with words he didn't write but could connect to. My interpretation of "One More Light" is the band became as open as they ever have been, bringing in songwriters not named Mike, Brad, or Chester, to get the perspective of not just people outside Linkin Park, but people in general. It's an album created by a community of creative people, meant for an entire world going through different situations, but ultimately experiencing the same feeling. A song like "Heavy" doesn't need screams, rapping or live instruments to connect with listeners and convey a feeling. It still sounds like Linkin Park, because Chester is singing it, but in a different way. These songs are easy to understand, and if anything, pull you in closer by not yelling in your face or building a defiant wall of sound. Listening to "One More Light" after Chester passed away crushed me, and still does. Songs like "Nobody Can Save Me" and "One More Light" are too real, and too personal. My mind was blown when I found out Chester didn't write either song, but was able to connect to and put his heart into the lyrical performance to paint such an authentic picture of hurt. This album is so calm compared to previous releases that to me, it feels like the most mature Linkin Park record. I can see why the band called it a personal CD. Everyone on earth can relate to these songs, and interpret the words or mood of the music to speak to what you're going through as a person. I never wanted to lose Chester, and miss him every day, but if there was going to ever be a final Linkin Park album, I'm glad it's this one.
  11. I hope LP release Chester-related material for years and years to come, but this is an amazing surprise. I wondered if they would release a DSP of the final show, but a live album from the OML tour is about as good as it gets when it comes to satisfying the hardcore and casual fans all at once. So greatful to know this will be mine in a month. I can't wait to listen to it and enjoy the live versions of the OML tracks, the ridiculously awesome LOATR, and look through the CD booklet. #RIPchester
  12. Too surreal that this is a thread on LPlive. I hope the show helps everyone involved, from the remaining band members to the fans and familes. I hope Chester inspires some amazing performances and he's in a better place, too. Thanks for everything, LPlive. I'm glad the site is staying active!
  13. I was worried about this one, because it's THE song, but Steve did a great job. I love every collaboration he's done with LP so far
  14. It would be great if LP released the show for sale, and the proceeds could go towards the "One More Light" Fund
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