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  1. I'm so happy that they gonna play Forgotten again! Finally! I really love this song and I hope they will bring it back for the THP Tour in Europe later this year! How could they not play this song for such a long time? It's awesome live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdzKmBeEgEg Download is gonna be one hell of a show! Wish I could be there!
  2. I completely agree with you! And I don't have a problem because it's a pop song or because it lacks guitars! I just think this song is really boring. :/
  3. That was easiliy the best performance of WFTE that I've heard so far
  4. I'm with you I also think that Green Day deserves the "Best World Stage" Award because they do put on a great show and I really like their music
  5. The first song I heard from LP was Crawling on MTV in 2001 when the single was just out and shortly after that I bought Hybrid Theory. It didin't took long to be my favorite album and it still is today. My favorite songs are Crawling & Forgotten (man, that was a hard choice! ) Anyway, Happy Birthday Hybrid Theory!
  6. Can anyone tell me what the ATS World Tour Shirt looks like? I'd really like to know...
  7. In one youtube video it seems like chester ist playing some kind of drums on WTCFM but the quality is bad so I could be wrong
  8. sensi

    MTV VMA's

    I don't know. It just says "page not found" Well I guess I will watch it tomorrow morning
  9. sensi

    MTV VMA's

    That site is not working for me I can't belive that MTV Germany does not broadcast this. I think it's the first time they don't and the first time for years I do want to see it
  10. Iridescent is my new favorite Linkin Park song! So beautiful...
  11. 1LIVE (german radio) say they want to play The Catalyst but they didn't get the song yet xD
  12. I tried to figure out the Top 20 of the Remix Contest - Rather Red (57th) - Cale Pellick - Ill Audio (26th) - Indy Sagoo (89th) - David Bonk (4th) - Digitalomat (367th) - FreQontrol (8th) - Keaton Hashimoto (49th) - Transient Way (7th) - DJ EnDorphin - Japanease Robots - Alex McMillan (3rd) - Corky G (53th) - (Gram F) - Red Elephant - (Transient Bob) - The Organization (22th) - NoBrain - Sean A (80th) - (Katsu) I tried to find out the positions in the contest but i didn't found all of em yet The names in brackets are the ones I'm not sure about maybe I misheard them idk Anyway this is what I've got so far...
  13. After I heard the MoH preview I'm 100% sure this song will be EPIC! I got goosebumps ^^ Can't wait to hear the full song
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