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Linkin Park Playing Summer Sonic 2013


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I think LP just sells a lot more than Muse and brings bigger crowds in the U.S. because they've been a big staple here for such a long time. All the singles off of HT and Meteora are huge, there's WID, SOTD, WFTE, and now BID to keep everyone's interest and what not. People here are just now getting used to Muse being this huge act. The only songs most people know by them are Knights of Cydonia, Uprising, and Madness.



To be honest, I think that LP and Muse are RIGHT at the same place, fame-wise. They can't both headline the same show, nor can one open for the other. So one of them opening for Metallica had to be the compromise, since Metallica opens for no one, lol.

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I honestly couldn't care less about Muse. I like some of their songs but I definitely am not a ''fan'' and I don't think they are the world's most epic band of all time like a lot of people do. I don't care if they are ''bigger'' than LP, or that they ''sell more'' than LP. LP is my favorite band and they always will be, nothing will ever change that. I would rather see LP play Robot Boy 20 times in a row than see any other band in the world. I love LP. Muse is a big band and they do write good music, but I don't care who plays first or whatever.

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